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Chapter 1411 - Blood Burning

"I am quite impressed by you and would have liked to play with you more, but the compulsion to kill you is getting stronger and stronger; I am afraid I will have to use my all to with you." It said with a slight hint of regret.

Hearing, I couldn't help but check my Armor, ready to respond at a moment's notice.

"Bramble Domain!"

It said, and the next moment, its aura begin to climb at the same time green brambles begin to appear to abound me and these brambled begin to such Cosmic Energy around, and as they did, they begin to emit slight suppression from them.

"Rose Domain!"

I did not waste any time activated my domain move whose names name I had changed to 'Rose Domain' from 'Rose Refinement.'

Sup Sup Sup…

As I activated the 'Rose Domain,' nine palms size roses came out of me; seeing the nine roses, the Green King immediately got alert and moved the vines to deal with the roses but soon shocked appeared on its face.

The Roses had passed through the vines as if they are a ghost, not single vines which could do anything to the Roses.

This formation was quite hard to design, even with rule-bending power, but I did. Now, if there is no absolutely huge difference in power, nothing could affect the roses for two seconds, which was more than enough for Roses to start their magic.

It only took a second for roses to take their places before they turned into petals and transformed into an absolutely huge rose, which immediately cut of 80% of Cosmic Energy that is coming inside the domains.

There are now two domains fighting against each other for dominations. This domain is unexpectedly strong; even if I had cut off 80% of energy coming inside, its still contending against my domain on equal ground.

"Medusa's Snakes!"

It had been barely three seconds since it had activated domain when it activated another powerful move; this time, the vines of its literally begin to morph into the snakes.

Shar Shar Shar…

The newly morphed vines snakes hissed at me before it all of them came at me bearing sharp green fangs.

'First Boost!'

Seeing the snakes, I did not hold back either and activated the first boost, which had to begin far more powerful than the initial version.

The runes begin to shine in my body before they started to pour a huge amount of energy into it. With the Strength of my body and Soul increasing to an unbelievable degree, my body now could handle a lot more power than before.

When I first tested the power of the move yesterday, even I had got very shocked by it as it had completely blown my mind apart.

I charged my vines with the power of the First Boost, and they lit up like a bulb, releasing an aura that is no less threatening than the vines snakes that are coming toward me.

Sup Sup Sup…

With blinding power filling them, my vines charged toward the snakes like an arrow with the intention of tearing them ap

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