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Chapter 1401 - King III

It had been fifteen minutes since I begin my breakthrough, and now, there is an indescribable amount of energy coming inside my body.

The clouds of worldly energy have filled the whole hall to the brim; the usually invisible worldly energy begins to show faint misty white color due to its density.

Due to this huge amount of worldly energy, I had not been torn apart by the immense amount of energy entering my runes.

More than half of Essense Cubes' energy had already been sucked away by my runes, and they are continuing sucking. I had thought half of Essence Cube would be more than enough for my breakthrough, but it did not seem to be the case.

The Runes have not only taken half of the essence cubes energy, but they are also taking a huge amount of worldly energy. The runes are consuming that in a never-ending stream, which is getting stronger and stronger by the second.

A minute ago, my runes were finished construction, and now there are one hundred thousand runes imprinted in me; it more than doubles the number of runes I had imprinted when I was at the Prince Stage.

The runes have been imprinted, and now they are charging themselves with a huge amount of energy; I hope this charging would finish soon, I do not have more than ten minutes before I got thrown out of my abode.

Green King is still attacking, and its attacks are becoming more and more powerful by minutes, which reducing the time my abode could protect me.

A change had occurred a few minutes ago, my sword has somehow merged with runes, I don't know how it happened, but it had happened, when I saw it, I couldn't help but get shocked by it, I never have throught something like that would happen.

Another surprising thing happened, which should not be surprising to me; the Diamond Seal had imprinted itself on Ashlyn and Nero.

I was quite surprised by the diamond energy enveloping Nero's cocoon; unfortunately, it was not enough to bring the Nero out of the cacoon. He is still in his cocoon.

Though he conveyed his emotions to me, saying he would like if I could provide him a couple of more Diamond Seals, I would like to if I could create some more Diamond Seals; the benefits of it are amazing.

Minutes passed, and five minutes later, the exploded Essense Cube had been sucked dry by the runes, and now sucking worldly energy at even more frenzy, I begin to feel a slight pain, seeing the amount that is entering inside me.

As the second passed, I came closer and closer to be expelled from the abode. Now, there is barely a minute before the abode will throw me out, and it is scaring the shit out of me.

Currently, I am at my weakest, except for the physical body; I do not have anything to fight against the Ghoul.

With Inheritance to support my body, I will get defeated by the Green King with a single move, just like before, and this time, I don't think I could create another Diamond Seal to sur

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