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Chapter 1406 - Pachac Pachac

"Thank you for waiting; I really appreciate it," I said to the two Green Kings who had appeared a minute ago when I begin to feed Nero.

They had been silently watching me while I am doing that, not disturbing me even for a second.

I was quite surprised seeing the two Green Kings together; they usually liked work alone, but since they are intelligent species, them doing it would not be surprising to me.

Of the two Green Kings, one is a man, and the other is a woman. The women had green skin and wearing an ancient style green battle suit with all weak spots covered with armor; the man, on the other hand, is wearing a green metallic armor which covered it till its neck.

"Mountains Rage!" "Scorched Strength!"

We were watching each other when suddenly both of them burst with immense strength, strength greater than what Green King had burst out with to perform ist last attack.

These two did not plan to hold back at all; they surely have seen the battle and did not plan to hold back at all, which is good. I also want to finish the battle soon, it had been a while since I had been awake, and I want to rest in my abode.

'Rose Vines!'

I activated the 'Rose Vine!' and just as I did, two Green Diamond Arms came below my hands and a diamond sword formed in them. The upgrade had made things a lot easier; I could now control vines a lot more efficiently than before, and morphing them into different shapes had also become easier.


I flapped my wings gently and appeared in front of them; they seemed to expect me as just as I appeared in front of them, they attacked me.

The women attacked me with Green Spear, which was lit up with the runes, while the man attacked me with the sword. Both of them had targeted my weak spots; the women targeted my head and the man my chest.

Both of their weapons are coming at me with extremely fast speed; their speed is much faster than earlier Green King had mustered.

A smile couldn't help but appear on my face seeing that as I swung both of my weapons to counter them.

The Green sword and Red sword moved toward both weapons that are coming toward them; their speed is little greater than the weapons of enemies.

Clang Clang Clang…

Sharp metallic sounds begin to ring out as our weapons begin to clash with each other.

Just in the seconds of the clash, I begin to feel the pressure of their impeccable techniques; their technique is giving me even greater pressure than what I had felt before from earlier Green King.

Their technique is of a similar level; just this time, I am dealing with two Green Kings instead of one, and these two are effortlessly melding their techniques with one another that had put me directly on the defensive.

I could increase the power and speed of my attacks that would help me dealing with powerful techniques, but I did not.

I considered the pressure a test to my adaptability an

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