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Chapter 1430 - Myron

"Was the ruin dangerous?" Mira asked; we finished the dinner a few minutes ago and now are walking on this beautiful city's streets.

"A little," I replied. I kept my answer short as possible; I don't want to tell her the horror I had faces on a daily basis; it will worry her more, but my answer doesn't seem to fool her as she gave me a look.

The look clearly says she does not believe my answer and will be getting a full answer from me in the near future.

We walked in comfortable silence, hand in hand. We did not talk much, just continued walking, enjoying each other's company.

"How come you decided to participate?" I asked after a long silence. When she had dropped me off, she said she would not participate in the competition despite her parents' and organizations' insistence.

"Well, sometimes in the face of circ.u.mstances, personal opinions did not matter," she said in a low voice.

"They did not force you, do they?" I asked, "No!" she said, denying vehemently. "They did not force me, but this time there is too much at stake that I have to participate, even if I don't want to." She said with a mirthless smile.

That I could understand, the stakes for this World Championship are too high.

The Grimm Monsters are upping their attacks for years, and now, there are constant battles on every battlefront. These are the signs of a huge War; some even said an era war might happen with the decade.

When such wars happen, many organizations fall, even Supremes have fallen in the past ten thousand years, forget the normal organization.

The coming war is making all of them recruit frenziedly, the better rank in the World Championship or winning it would help them extremely in attracting the talented seeds which would eventually become the pillars for their organization.

Two hours passed by, and we stood in front of an extremely opulent mansion, which is bigger than the Mansion we are staying in. It is the Mansion of the Alexander family, and it really does show their glory.

The Orcoz city is quite small, and that makes every inch of land here prizeless. To acquire huge property, one only needs to huge wealth but also great connection; without it, even wealth would not help in buying such property.

"This is it then," I said, seeing the Mansion in front of me. I really wish we would be in Miasmic Paradice; there, I would have been able to spend the night with her without any problem, but here, I could not do that.

"Yes," Mira said reluctantly as she gripped my hand tighter, "Goodb" I was about to say goodby when I stopped as I felt a dangerous presence behind me.

"Little sister, aren't you going to introduce your boyfriend to me?" said a male voice in a confident tone.

When I looked back, my gaze fell on the handsome man who looked to be in his early twenties. He is also Peak Emperor, a powerful one at that as he is intentionally suppressing me with a fine,

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