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Chapter 1418 - Exhibition Battle I

As her aura continued to rise, Violet botches started to appear on her purple fire; these violet color botches begin to give her aura a deeper and heavier feel, not to forget beautiful.

I had also begun to get a familiar feeling from her fire, which made me know that this Bloodline is no simple bloodline.

The Violet botches on dense purple fire make the whole scene beautiful; I wished her fire remained the same as it is looking now; she will look fantastic when she attacks her Purple-Violet fire.


Suddenly, the fire stopped taking necrotic cores, and as it did, a large amount of fire moved back, forming a huge silhouette of the majestic bird, which let out a realistic soul-shaking cry.

I had become so enthralled in the majesty of the cry that I did notice the effect that cry has on me, nor I can as I looked at the most beautiful creation of the world in front of me.

I have never been mesmerized by anything as I am now seeing god's most beautiful creation in front of me.

I had became paralyzed hearing the cry, and I got lost in its majesty; when I came back to myself, I saw a fire bird burrowing itself into Elena with the rest of Purple- Violet Fire that was covering her.


I muttered under my breath; I could not believe Elena had Phoenix Bloodline, A Death Phoenix to be accurate. I had sensed Death element from the among other things.

The Bloodline Phoenix is extremely powerful and rare; in the history of our world, there had not been more than ten people who had Phoenix Bloodline, and all of these people very powerful enough to leave a great mark on history.

Soon, all the fire seeped back into Elena's body, and her body let out a very powerful aura.

Feeling the aura, I couldn't help but get shocked. The aura she is emitting is extremely powerful; this Atavism had increased her power more than ten times.

Seeing that, I couldn't help but feel the pang of jealousy rise in my heart. To gain the strength I have, I had to play with the death daily and even nearly succ.u.mbed to it few times, but Elena, she just had to guzzle up few thousand necrotic cores, and she got that strength.

The Bloodlines are really the cheats.

The Atavism had not transformed her strength; she also had quite a transformation. Her hair has gotten a darker shade of purple from the previous light one, and there is a streak of violet streak mixed into them.

Her eyes have gotten purple as well but with violet pupil, and when it all combined with radiant skin she had got, she looked like Goddess. The Atavism had brought a change in her at every level.

"Congratulations, honey," Teacher said as she hugged her daughter, professor and I too congratulated her; it is a big change she had gone through, from now on, her progress will be even faster.

Still, I could not believe the resources she had consumed to make such progress. Of the thousands of

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