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Chapter 1415 - Return

"How much time?" I asked again; I must have asked this question more than ten times in the past hour. Though I know the answer to my question, I couldn't help but as it repeatedly.

I am a very calm person; I did not get such tense easily, but today, I had been tensest in a long time.

It had been nearly half a year since my precious student had got stuck in that Ruin, and I don't know whether he is alive or not.

His mother has never doubted her son being alive, and I very much want to believe it with the same confidence, but my rationality is not letting me do that.

In three thousand years since the Ruin had been our hand, only two people have survived this Ruin ever, and those two people are a legend in the whole world; there had never been anyone who had created legends such as them.

I could see people glancing at me sneakily; some even had a trace of pity in their eyes when they looked at me, believing my student is dead. Not that I could blame them, everyone know that once you got stuck in the 'I' Ruin, you are good as dead.

The technicians are working on the gate and looking at a mathematical graph in front of the technicians; I could tell the gate will contact the Ruin three minutes, still knowing I couldn't help but ask the question again and received the same answer I know.

"Don't worry; he will fine as his mother said," Josie said as she pressed my hand; she had many responsibilities on her hand with World Championship that will begin in a week later. She had still spared an hour of her time for her elder sister.

Time passed by at an excruciatingly slow speed; each second, I would fight a war with myself, thinking about the survivability of Micheal.

"Headmistress, the Ruin Gate is ready to form the connection with Ruin," John informed.

"Form the connection," I said without wasting a single moment and trained my eyes on the screen; in a few seconds, I will know whether Micheal is alive or not. If he is dead, the screen will be blank, and if he is alive then, the screen will show the number of his homing beaker.

John and other technicians begin to form the connection, and within half minutes, the Ruin gate formed the connection with Ruin.


Gasp Gasp Gasp

Second, passed when suddenly, numeric one appeared on the screen, just as it appeared gasps rang out across the whole room, some people eyes even popped out in shock as if they could not believe what they are seeing.

"Start Extraction, it is Micheal to come home," I said; the homing beacon showed that Micheal is alive, but I had let myself be happy, many times the Rune Gates has received the dead signal, I do want to be till I see with my own eyes.

Seconds passed when I saw leg came out of the realm gate's watery surface before the whole body came out of the Ruin Gate with a confident stride.

Micheal walked out of the Ruin Gade wearing beautiful Armor, this Inheritance Armor

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