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Chapter 1398 - Diamond Seal III

In the center of my Temple, I saw a seal made of Diamond; unlike the other runes, this seal of made of runes. These ruines felt primal, like they are old as the universe itself.

I saw them, but I tried to imagine what it looked like; I would only remember blurry lines.

The Diamond Seal is flashing in my Temple gently and releasing the energy it had infused with diamonds itself. The energy is spreading all my body, merging with every part of it, including my runes.

It is merging with my Inheritance Runes and bringing out a slow change in them; it is very difficult to see what is happening as whatever is happening, it is very slow.

The Diamond Energy merging with my body is not healing my injuries or increasing my strength like a normal seal would do.

On the other hand, it has covered every cell of my body in its diamond light, vibrating it and sucking up the melted energies that had been free-flowing in my body for the past couple of seconds as my body had reached the limit.

I could feel it helping the melted essence merge with me, but it is not like a normal merging; I could feel there is something different, but I can't put my finger on it.

Still, I am more than happy the Diamond Seal had materialized and helped me merge with essence, which is helping me rapidly heal from the Essence damage and Ghoulification damage.

The Diamond Seal's have always been mysterious; they do not suck the host's energy as others do, nor do they work the same way as other seals.

There is no exact way the Diamond Seal works; it is said that Dimond Seals gives a thing that the host needs the most; it could be anything. There are even records of someone gaining ability from Diamond Seal, which is, of course, is extremely rare.

There are always deficiencies in the body, and most of the Diamond Seal helped to correct them, and these correction measures could be anything from healing the injuries to enhancing the strength to materializing the ability.

For me, it is helping me digest the melted herbal essence, and there is something else with my runes which I could not completely follow.

It is said that Diamond Seal uses energy that couldn't be sensed by even powerful people. This energy is very mysterious and powerful; otherwise, how a Diamond Seal could do what it is doing.

While Diamond Seal is helping me on one aspect, it is not helping me on others. The Cosmic Energy is coming at my body in larger and larger quantities and creating more ghostly green wisps, which are attacking the essence.

I would have been more than satisfied if Diamond Seal had dealt with injuries and helped me get rid of the herbal essence that I had drunk away, but how can anything be easy for me.

I have to get rid of those injuries with the power of my own body; if these injuries had been cast by normal Ghoul, even a single Ghoul, I would have had quite a confidence getting rid of them

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