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Chapter 1427 - Discussions I

Soon, I got out of the car with others and found myself staring at the beautiful white mansion. It is not as big as some other mansion we have passed by, but it is more beautiful than them and has a huge garden.

"Welcome all; I hope your journey to the Orcoz City had been well," Said Professor Jenkins with her usual cheery smile as she came out mansion with two other professors.

Professor Jenkins is a tiny woman who looked to be in her late forties, with a sweet next door neighbor look, but she is anything but that.

Aside from Council members and Headmistress, she is the most important person in the academy with a very good chance of becoming a Council Member within this decade.

"Come in; the Championship will start in two days, and there are so many things I have to brief you about," She said, and she went on mute as she begins to talk to a professor.

We can't see here what she is talking to the Professor, but whatever it is, it seemed to be important, as it had put a serious expression on the face of the Professor.

Suddenly Professor Jenkins stopped and looked toward us, "Carl, Joanna, take them to the briefing room and brief them about the information we have collected on their participants,"

"Micheal, Elena, you stay behind; I will brief you two myself," Professor Jenkins said, with slightly jealous looks others left with professor Carl and Joanna while Elena and I quietly followed Professor Jenkins and Professor Josephine.

Soon we reached a small but beautiful conference room and took a seat across the table.

"The World Championship this time going to be way different than any other," Professor Jenkins said solemnly.

"The monsters seemed to be very rare, having or most two at every decade if we are lucky, but this time tens of them appeared," she said while tapping on the table.

As she did, numbers images begin to project on the table, and soon there were more than fifty images have appeared; in those images, the image of Elena and me also present.

"Both of you are exceptionally powerful, and if it were any other season, it would not have been any problem for you to win the World Championship, but this times, it would be our luck if you were able to get into the top 10," she continued, shocking the hell out us.

Professor Jenkins may not know my real strength since I did not show it to anyone, but she has a clear idea about Elena's, so her saying is this is not some words that help to motivate but the truth itself.

"I think, in the generation, we have what we called a 'Super Monsters.'" She said, deepening the silence further.

'Super Monster' this term had rarely been used, and there is the reason for that because people rarely fall into this category. One needs to be extremely extremely powerful in their level to get this 'Super Monster' tag.

"From the intel we have, we have identified these five people as Super Monsters, but th

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