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Chapter 1422 - Council Summon

A few minutes ago.

"What do you all think?" I asked the councilmen and women sitting beside me.

"I had the records about her excellencies strength when they returned from the Ghoul Ruin were little exaggerated, but seeing how your student playing your daughter like a fiddle, they now seemed too true," said Lady Marla.

I was quite surprised seeing her praise Micheal, getting praise from this woman especially hard, in my more than fifteen years of headmistressship, this woman did not say something positive to me more than five times, and I have done many great things in the past fifteen years.

"Really, the records did not seem to be an exaggeration at all." "If I am not wrong, then your student is not even using one-fifth of his strength against your daughter, who had already become powerful enough to win any normal World Championship." Lord Harrison said. I couldn't help but nod at that.

When Micheal returned from the Ruin, there was an obvious change in him, even without emitting any aura; I had known he had become very powerful, but I am still quite shocked to see how powerful he had become.

Elina has Phoenix Bloodline, and the training she had put herself through eversince she had returned from the Ruin had made great changes in her strength, and after consumption of thousands of cores, her strength had even greater change.

Still, I did not doubt my daughter losing the spar; the record left behind the excellencies has never let me forget that, but when the battle began, Micheal started dealing with her as if she child, especially when she had begun her Epiphany.

"Marina, you should have informed the council about your daughter having a Phoenix Bloodline; this is unbecoming of you as Headmistress," Quipped lady Marla.

'This Women!' She never forgets to strike when there is a mistake; it is my luck that other council members decided to ignore my little rule-breaking.

"We should now think about how to deal with those bastards Wisdom Tower and Hawthorn Sea, especially Wisdom Tower; once they know what kind of Inheritance Micheal possesses, they will become hounds on blood," Lord Matthew said, bringing out worry that everyone had in their mind.

Her Excellency Roosevelt was not only Headmistress of the Academy but was also the leader of Wisdom Tower, responsible for bringing it out from really low phase, the importance they attach to that Inheritance is still great.

If not for various rules and regulations laid out by Her Excellency, the Create Heart Inheritance would have already swapped by them, still, after her Excellency left Wisdom Tower had their members imprint the 'Creation Heart Inheritance' for nearly a thousand years.

If not for not getting the result, despite their thousands of tries, they would not have left the Inheritance alone.

Now, after more than three thousand years, someone had come who had taken the Inheritance to King Stage

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