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Chapter 1434 - Day Before Championship I

The World Championship will begin tomorrow; I could already feel the city vibrating with the powerhouses' energy.

Everywhere I look, I see powerhouses; the streets are filled with Kings. Those below the Kings are found in the same numbers as the Emperor Stage powerhouses, which is crazy; on the outside, it is very hard to such numbers of Emperors.

My parents came to the city three hours ago, and I am going over to their place to meet them. I would have gone there early if not for stuck under the meeting with Professor Jenkins.

That woman is really something; ever since I got out of my room in the morning, I did not get any chance to do anything other than studying and strategizing in the conference room; it helps that I am not the only one who is suffering.

Professor Jenkins is hellbent on providing us with every bit of information about every opponent we will face and making strategies to face them.

It may not seem like it, but that woman is excited about the championship, and I can understand why.

In the past thousand years, the performance of the Academy had been Abyssal. It had improved now and then, but there is no huge progress. In the past thousand years, the hundred World Championsh.i.p.s that had been held, only three times any member of Academy get into Top 100.

There had never been someone who was able to get into the Top 50. It is very hard to believe that Academy had once upon a time had won the competition and many times its members had been the runner ups.

Those were the good old times, and there was not much hope of bringing them back till Elena and I appeared. Our performance has given some hope to Academy, and they are trying to provide us all the help they could so we could perform at our best.


Soon, I landed in front of a mansion that is no less than of the Alexander Family. It is a Mansion of the Michealson Family; a few hundred years ago Michealson Family of the Mistson was no less powerful than the Alexander family of the Windgod Temple.

Currently, the Michealsons are barely able to maintain their status as the top family in the Mistson, and if they continue to decline at such speed, then in few decades, they would lose the designation and powers of the high-level family as well.

I do not care what happened to them; all I care about my parents, who are inside are inside the mansion.

"Stop," I heard from the guards manning the gate, "I am Micheal Zaar, Ive come to meet my parents," I said.

The guard looked confused and opened his mouth to say something when a young man appeared in front of him; the young man is my cousin Archie.

The last time I had seen him was in the Cometh City, and these nearly two years, he had grown a lot, both in physique and power. He had forged a lean body and also became a little taller before, and also he is at the Intial Level of Emperor, which is quite surprising.


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