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“Can you escape?”

Ye Changge’s voice was not loud, but it reached everyone’s ears without difficulty.

With a wave of his right hand, he directly pulled Elder Mo over. He had initially escaped into the void.

Everyone could clearly see that Elder Mo, who had a relieved look on his face just now, had turned into a terrifying horror in the blink of an eye. The speed at which his face changed said that what was happening was divine.

Then, he was thrown onto the training field.

“How is this possible?”

Elder Mo was directly shocked.

He had used the Blood Shield Technique, yet he was still captured and brought back. How powerful was this young man? He could even ignore the laws of space!

Even the first elder of his outer sect could not do this. One had to know that his cultivation had reached the middle stage of the Godly Spirit Realm. From this, one could imagine how terrifying Ye Changge’s cultivation had become.

Elder Mo did not dare to imagine it. From the beginning of the battle to the despair of being defeated, only a few short breaths had passed. This was too terrifying.

Everyone also came to a realization. They originally thought that Li Miaoxian was already terrifying enough, but they did not expect that this was the real ruthless person.

Even if Li Zhantian and Mu Batian combined their efforts, they would not match up to Ye Changge.

Clearly, Mu Batian recognized Ye Changge’s strength and felt that the world was filled with darkness. Even Elder Mo had been defeated. The Mu family had walked into a dead end.

Elder Mo looked at Ye Changge’s eyes that looked down on the world and was truly afraid.

“You can’t kill me. I’m an outer elder of the Great Luo Heavenly Palace. If you kill me, the Great Luo Heavenly Palace will not let you off.”

At this time, he directly moved out of the sect behind him.

The Great Luo Heavenly Palace was a superpower in the northern desert. Anyone who saw it would have to show respect.

Although he was only an outer elder who was dispensable, and could not even compare to the treatment of an inner disciple, as long as he had a relationship with the Great Luo Heavenly Palace, everyone had to consider the possible consequences.

Therefore, Elder Mo thought that as long as he mentioned the Great Luo Heavenly Palace, Ye Changge would definitely be afraid.

“What? Great Luo Heavenly Palace? Which great Luo Heavenly Palace?”

Some of the surrounding disciples exclaimed.

They also thought of the Great Luo Heavenly Palace, the overlord of the northern desert, but that seemed so unlikely, so they subconsciously did not think about it.

“Stupid, is there a second Great Luo Heavenly Palace in the northern desert? I was wondering why the Mu family was so overbearing. So it turns out that they have a connection with the Great Luo Heavenly Palace. The Li family is in trouble this time.”

“It is said that there are experts at the Sage Heaven Realm in t

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