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“I’ve finally broken through.”

Along with the voice, the elders all had ecstatic expressions.

This was the voice of their sect master. Before he went into seclusion, their sect master was already at the early stage of the Godly Spirit Realm. Now he was at the intermediate stage of the godly spirit realm.

One had to know that the difference between breaking through a small realm in the Godly Spirit Realm was immense.

No matter how powerful Ye Changge was now, he was still no match for their sect master.

“Elder Ruohua, what’s going on?”

Yin Nietian looked at the many elders with pale faces and traces of blood on the corners of their mouths. His expression immediately darkened.

Could it be that there were other sects that took advantage of the time he was in closed-door cultivation to attack their Sunset Immortal Sect?

He clenched his fists tightly, and his aura shot up into the sky.

“I report to you, sect master. Just now, the murderer who killed more than ten of our core disciples attacked us without any reason. Not only did he destroy our sect members, but he also wanted to destroy our sect.

“We tried to reason with him, but not only did he put on a haughty attitude, he was even arrogant and injured all of us.”

Elder Ruohua added fuel to the fire and recounted what had happened just now.

“Damn it!”

Yin Nietian exploded in anger after hearing this.

He did not expect such an arrogant person to provoke the Sunset Immortal Sect.

“Where is he now? Could it be that he has already escaped?”

No wonder Yin Nietian thought so. He had just broken through, so it was reasonable for the other party to escape.

But in the next moment, he was stunned.

As Elder Ruohua spoke, Yin Nietian did not expect that the young man was still in the Sunset Immortal Sect.

And he even went to save a quasi-emperor level woman.

He was simply courting death.

In the next moment…

He saw a stream of light flash through the sky and then land on the opposite side of him.

This was a handsome man with a domineering aura. It showed especially his eyes, which carried an aura that made it seem like he was looking down on the world.

Beside him, there was a woman. It was Li Changtian’s daughter, Li Miaoling.

She was just an ant at the peak of the Quasi-emperor Realm.

With just a glance, he shifted his gaze and fixed it on Ye Changge.

But it was this one glance that stunned him.

Because he realized that he could not see his cultivation level.

How was this possible?

Yin Nietian was stunned. There were only two possibilities for such a situation to occur.

One: the other party’s cultivation level was higher than his.

Two: the other party had a magic treasure that hid his cultivation level.

As for the first possibility, Yin Nietian did not even think twice about it and directly abandoned the thought.

Even if he was a disciple of a large sect, it was impossible fo

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