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Chapter 326: Heading to the Reincarnation Realm

Ye Changge narrowed his eyes. His family’s lady?

She must be the woman on the top floor!

He did not know why she was looking for him, so he decided to go and take a look.

Anyway, he had nothing to do now.

Then, under Qingfeng’s lead, the three of them headed towards the top floor.

They arrived at the door.

Qingfeng knocked on the door and said respectfully, “Lady, he’s here!”

“Come in!”

An ethereal voice came from inside the door, and then the door opened automatically.

As Ye Changge and the other two entered, Qingfeng closed the door automatically.

“I, Qingmeng pay my respects to Young Master Ye.”

Mo Qingmeng still wore a veil that covered her face and she greeted Ye Changge.

In agreement, a maid brought a pot of fragrant Da Luo tea and placed it on the table in the middle.

“Please enjoy your meal!”

Ye Changge nodded and his gaze landed on the purple-clothed woman. He said indifferently, “I wonder why you have called me here, lady!”

He had killed an elder of the Great Luo Heavenly Palace, so the Great Luo Heavenly Palace would definitely not let him off.

Although the Star Pavilion could contend against the Great Luo Heavenly Palace, there was no need for them to participate in it. It was obvious that they had other motives for coming to see him at this time.

Clearly, this had already surpassed the price of offending the Great Luo Heavenly Palace.

Of course, with his early-stage Godly Spirit Realm, he could tell that she was obviously a core disciple of the Star Pavilion. Even if it was the Great Luo Heavenly Palace, there was no need for them to offend a core disciple of the Star Pavilion for the sake of an outer sect disciple.

“Young Master Ye, your heavenly bearing is peerless. To be able to achieve such accomplishments at this grade, I wonder which immortal sect you’re from!”

Mo Qingmeng said with a charming smile.

In the entire world, she had not found a suitable disciple who could have such a high cultivation level like Ye Changge.

She suspected that Ye Changge was not from the northern desert, but from the outside world.

Although the northern desert was very big, in the greater world, it was just a drop in the ocean. It seemed too insignificant.

Just now, this woman had already tested him, but she still had not given up.

He could not understand. He did not know her at all, but it seemed as if she was very interested in him.

“You’re thinking too much. I’ve just arrived in the greater world and haven’t joined any sects.”

Ye Changge did not hide anything.

He did not mind others knowing his background, and there was no need for hiding that.

Mo Qingmeng’s eyes lit up. He had just arrived in the greater world, and he already had such a powerful cultivation base.

From the situation of the competition earlier, this man had easily defeated Elder Mo. at the very least, his cult

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