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Chapter 329: The Despair of the Sunset Immortal Sect

“Who on earth are you?”

These elders were all shocked.

Not only did Ye Changge block their attacks, he even sent them flying.

Originally, they thought that no matter how powerful Ye Changge was, he would not be able to withstand their combined attacks. However, what happened far exceeded their expectations.

Not only them, but even the spectating disciples’ expressions changed drastically.

Although the Sunset Immortal Sect was not one of those ancient sacred land sects, it was not weak either.

However, such a sect was actually directly overturned by a nameless young man.

How was this possible?

“Where’s that girl? If you still don’t tell me, I don’t mind destroying your sect.”

Ye Changge said directly.

If they knew what was good for them, Ye Changge would not mind letting them go. If they still refused to come to their senses, he would not feel any guilt even if he destroyed this sect.

They had brought this upon themselves.

“Hmph, arrogant. If our sect master was here, how could you be so impudent?”

Their sect master was an expert in the Godly Spirit Realm. This time, he was in seclusion to break through to the intermediate stage of the Godly Spirit Realm.

If their sect master was here, how could he allow this young one to be so impudent here?

It was likely that when their sect master slapped him, this young one would be smashed into pieces.

“Create a formation!”

Following the angry shout of one of the elders, these elders directly surrounded Ye Changge and formed a strange formation with their hands.

A strange formation released a few mysterious streams of light and slowly gathered into the shape of a large formation.

Instantly, the spiritual energy in the heavens and earth surged up and surged crazily in the direction of the array, directly transforming into the shape of a pyramid.

This was the combined array of their Sunset Immortal Sect, the Heaven and Earth Exquisite Pagoda.

This array gathered the strength of more than ten of them, and with the support of the array, it could increase the attack by a hundred times.

Its strength was close to the God Realm.

They did not believe that Ye Changge could still withstand such a fierce attack.

Ye Changge looked at the array in front of him, and a faint smile appeared on his face.

He just happened to want to test the power of the law of force.

This was a rare opportunity.

As for the other disciples, when they saw Ye Changge standing in the array like a fool, they laughed foolishly.

Immediately, discussions broke out.

“He’s not scared silly, right?”

“He’s giving up on resisting directly. The magic power of more than ten elders augmenting the array formation can even increase its strength by a hundred times. That’s not something he can withstand.”

“Hmph, he’s looking for trouble with the Sunset Immortal Sect. He’s looking fo

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