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Chapter 324: The Majesty of the Great Luo Heavenly Palace

In Hei Feng’s story, all of Mu Batian’s dark history was revealed.

The crowd could not suppress the anger in their hearts and directly rushed in front of Mu Batian, punching and kicking him.

He was still muttering words.

“I had let you be sanctimonious, let you cultivate evil techniques, let you kill babies, let you…”

Inside the training field, Mu Batian’s screams filled the air.

This was a real fist fight. These people did not even use their cultivation. Instead, they used their physical strength to attack, and the sounds of their attacks reverberated throughout the entire training field.

Mu Batian, who had lost his cultivation, seemed to be unable to withstand these ordinary physical attacks. His eyes turned white, and he was foaming at the mouth, as if he was about to die.

Hei Feng was still clapping, shouting, cheering, and even joining the battle.

The screams in the arena grew fainter and fainter. By the time everyone left, Mu Batian had already fainted.

What followed next was Hei Feng’s performance. He had directly revealed Mu Batian’s errors in judgement, causing everyone’s impression of him to change quite a bit.

This was actually his scheme. Whatever he was forced to do was just an excuse. He had actually provided those things to Mu Batian. However, now, the blame was all pushed to him. He had won everyone’s trust.

The rest was up to him. The overall situation was firmly in his hands.

This seemingly flawless plan did not escape Ye Changge’s eyes. He had experienced countless things, so how could this little trick fool his eyes?

Ye Changge immediately used a stream of light and quickly injected it into Mu Batian’s body. He, who was originally unconscious, immediately woke up.

‘Since you don’t want me to live, then no one will live. It won’t be so easy to betray me.’

Just now, when Mu Batian wanted to confess, he was hit by Hei Feng’s secret attack and had fainted.

He thought that he had hidden it from everyone’s sight, but all of this did not escape Ye Changge’s eyes.

“Hei Feng, I didn’t expect you to be so vicious. You want me to take all the blame. If you think I have to suffer, then don’t think that I’ll have to suffer alone.”

Mu Batian had also exposed a secret.

He told everyone about the women that Hei Feng had plundered. Hei Feng wanted to stop him, but he realized that an invisible force had sealed the space around him.

He could not move his body, so he could only listen to Mu Batian tell them everything.

His expression became more and more scared. Although he did not cultivate evil techniques, he had harmed women. As long as he liked the young women in the capital, he would use strong methods to capture them.

He loved to watch these women sink into deep despair and slowly die.

Compared to Mu Wufa, Mu Wufa was actually better. Mu Wufa would sometimes let these women go back, bu

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