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“Senior Ye, it’s fate!”

Li Changtian was anxious.

“What’s wrong?”

Ye Changge asked in confusion.

From the looks of it, something big had happened. However, the Mu family, the rival of the Li family, had been destroyed. In the entire Heavenly Capital City, no one could threaten the existence of the Li family.

Could it be that the people from the Great Luo Heavenly Palace had arrived so quickly?

“Senior Ye, Ling ‘Er was captured by the people from the Sunset Immortal Sect. Ask the Li family to hand over the murderer of their sect. If they can’t get the murderer to come out within three days, Ling ‘er will be in danger.”

They were in the middle of a family meeting when a person suddenly barged in. Li Miaoxian was no match for the other party either, so they directly took Li Miaoxian away.

Three days later, they were told to bring the opponent who had killed the Sunset Immortal Sect to their sect.

Otherwise, they would immediately kill Li Miaoxian.

Although the Li family’s strength had soared, they were still no match for the Sunset immortal Sect’s oppression.

Therefore, after much consideration, they had no choice but to look for Ye Changge.

Sunset Immortal Sect!

He thought of the twelve peak quasi-emperor cultivators he had killed in the Heavenly Capital City when he had first arrived in the greater world.

Since he was the one who had started this, he would definitely resolve it.

After sending Li Changtian off, he asked for the location of the Sunset Immortal Sect and flew directly to their sect.

This time, he did not bring Ning Manman and Bai Ao Xian with him. Instead, he gave them an order. Three days later, he told Mo Qingmeng to wait for a while.

The Heavenly Capital City was still quite a distance away from the Sunset Immortal Sect. However, with his cultivation base, he quickly arrived at the foot of the mountain.

The Sunset Immortal Sect was located at the peak of the Sunset Mountain. It was majestic and imposing. Through the gaps in the leaves, one could vaguely see the vastness of the sect.

In front of the mountain gate.

Ye Changge directly came here, but was stopped by two disciples guarding the mountain gate.

“Who are you? The sect is a forbidden area. Outsiders are not allowed to enter.”


Without any pretences, Ye Changge directly shattered their mountain gate. The two disciples were immediately shocked.

They had seen powerful people before, but this was the first time they had seen such a powerful person. He had not said anything and had immediately smashed their mountain gate. What kind of operation was this?

Before they could react, Ye Changge directly entered.

“Quickly report to the sect elders. Someone broke in without hesitation.”

Obviously, they were thinking too much. The instant the sect was breached, a huge sound rang out through the entire Sunset Immortal Sect.

In an instant, more than ten streams of light

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