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Chapter 327: Senior Ye, Save Me

In the attic on the top floor.

“Miss, are you really going to the Reincarnation Realm?”

A servant asked worriedly.

The dangers of the Reincarnation Realm was well-known throughout the northern desert, making all cultivators tremble in fear whenever they heard of it.

What kind of person was their lady? She had a precious body. If there was any danger, the entire sky would probably collapse.

Moreover, there were many evil beings hiding inside.

Because of its uniqueness, many people wanted by sects, or evil people from the devil’s doctrine, all circled around the reincarnation deathtrap to avoid being captured.

It could be said that it was a very dangerous place.

Of course, there were also many opportunities inside. There were all kinds of heavenly and earthly treasures. Perhaps after those people obtained them, their strength might increase.

The Reincarnation Realm was a deadly vortex.

As long as one entered, it was like being thrown into the clouds of lightning. No one knew what kind of risks they would encounter.

“That’s right. I am determined to obtain that thing.”

Mo Qingmeng said resolutely.

Her strength was currently stuck at the early stage of the Godly Spirit Realm. If she wanted to advance further, she had to obtain this thing.

Star fruit!

This was a rare natural treasure. It had the potential to support the cultivation technique she cultivated. It could help her advance smoothly.

As long as she advanced to the middle stage of the Godly Spirit Realm, she would have a lot of confidence even if she resisted the marriage.

In the entire northern desert, the highest realm someone had was the middle stage of the Sage Heaven Realm. Her father, Mo Yushu, was an expert of the Sage Heaven Realm.

Her fiancé, the sacred son of the Great Luo Heavenly Palace, Bai Zimu, was currently at the early-stage of the Godly Spirit Realm.

Now that she was at the middle stage of the Godly Spirit Realm, she could even mock him at the engagement ceremony.

At this moment.

In the eastern part of the northern desert.

There was a grand hall that spanned across the nine heavens. The entire sky was filled with the circulation of Dao charms. The Great Dao techniques interweaved, making it look extraordinary.

There was a purple-gold signboard above that had three words written on it.

Star Pavilion.

“Have you found out where the young lady went?”

At the seat of honor on the high platform sat a middle-aged man with sword-like eyebrows and fierce eyes.

There was not a trace of aura on his body, but it made people feel a sense of majesty. The pressure was suffocating.

“Sect master, the young miss is currently in the Heavenly Capital City.”

The guard said respectfully.

The Heavenly Capital City?

Mo Yushu thought about it. Ever since the Great Luo Heavenly Palace had sent someone to discuss the engagement some time

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