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Chapter 331: Chaos Two Elements Formation Was Broken?

“How is this possible? How is your cultivation so strong?”.

I don’t believe it.”

Yin Nietian suppressed the chaotic mana in his body and roared.

This was his first battle after breaking through in seclusion, and he was crushed.

He was at the middle stage of the Godly Spirit Realm!

In the Heavenly Capital City, he was already a top cultivator. How could such a powerful cultivator appear in such a short period of time when he was in seclusion?

He single-handedly overthrew his entire sect. If word got out, they would not even need to establish a sect. They could just disband.

“This… Our sect leader actually lost?”

“Hiss, just how terrifying is this man? First, he overpowered our elders, and then even our sect leader was crushed.

“Just how powerful is his cultivation?!”

The disciples were also discussing, unable to believe the reality before their eyes.

In their hearts, their sect leader was an invincible existence. They had never thought that he would be crushed the moment he came out of seclusion.

If they had not seen it with their own eyes, they would never have believed that there was such a terrifying person in the world.

The atmosphere in the entire place became silent.

“I originally wanted to let you all off, but now it seems that there’s no need for that. The underworld is your true home.”

Ye Changge said coldly.

His voice was not loud, but it carried an unquestionable majesty, causing everyone in the Sunset Immortal Sect to feel their souls tremble.

Was this the rhythm of destroying their Sunset Immortal Sect!!

“Hmph, arrogant brat, you don’t know the immensity of the heavens and earth? You think that you can destroy our sect just because you defeated us? What a joke.”

Yin Nietian laughed mockingly. “The foundation of our sect is not something you can imagine.”

“Elders, activate the Primal Chaos Two Elements grand array!”

Hearing this, many of the elders trembled.

The Primal Chaos Two Elements grand array was their sect’s strongest array formation. It could destroy the heavens and earth. It was a piece of cake for them to deal with Ye Changge.

They had wanted to activate it before, but this array formation was a little special. They needed the approval of their sect master to do so.

Now, this brat was destined to be doomed.

Ye Changge did not make a move. He quietly watched how powerful the so-called array formation was.

The array rose!

With a loud shout, countless Dao charms rose in the void, forming a profound and profound array formation. One side was ice, the other was fire, ice and fire.

The spiritual energy between the heavens and earth roared and poured into the formation. Suddenly, with the addition of spiritual energy, the formation burst out with an intense aura.

Sensing this destructive aura, all the disciples’ souls trembled. They felt that the aura around

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