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Although he knew that Li Shiyi was telling the truth, Ye Changge had a strange feeling when he saw that Li Shiyi looked like he was boasting.

“Unfortunately, the academy’s motto of the Heavenly Dao Academy is that a gentleman should strive for self-improvement, not be afraid of authority and respect, and be loyal to righteousness.

“However, because of the conflict of interest between the Saint Son and the Saintess and a commoner genius, the top forces, the Heaven and Earth Pavilion and the Hongwu Holy Dynasty, joined hands to suppress the commoner genius named Lu Ming.

“I was put into a group with him to participate in the Academy’s trial.”

“I was also implicated in this crackdown. I was indignant and pulled out my sword. Unfortunately, although I could easily suppress the Saint Son and the Saintess of the two forces, I couldn’t withstand the elders sent by the two forces. In the end, my cultivation was sealed.”

“If it weren’t for the elders of the academy, what would have sealed me would have been the forbidden seal, instead of the five elements suppression method.”

Looking at Li Shiyi before him, Ye Changge sighed internally.

This was the reason he did not want to go out and provoke karma.

The cultivation world was really dangerous. There were all kinds of forces, and they all had their own trump cards. No one knew if some old guy would appear from any force.

Thinking of this, Ye Changge asked, “Do you regret it?”

“Regret? I don’t regret it.” Li Shiyi shook his head resolutely.

“If it weren’t for the fear of implicating the family, I wouldn’t have compromised. The sword is by my side, the sword is at my waist, and the sword is in my hand. If I meet with injustice and don’t act, my sword won’t agree either.”

“The sword is by my side, and the sword is at my waist.” Ye Changge nodded.

As expected of a natural sword bone, his sword Qi was sharp, and he was not willing to give in easily.

“I know about you. Do you remember what I said before? You have the potential to become an emperor. As long as you follow me up the mountain and cultivate properly, when you come out, you’ll be able to sweep through those two forces with your emperor’s might.

“With my protection, no one will be able to hurt you before you succeed. How about it? Are you willing to take me as your master and come to Reclining Firewood Peak to cultivate?”

Li Shiyi had been suppressed by Ye Changge’s hand just now, so he had long admired Ye Changge’s strength.

However, he could not believe that he really had the so-called Emperor’s talent, so he asked in surprise, “Those are the two great sacred places. Are you really not afraid?”

“Your Hidden Edge Sect is only one of the ten great sects of the eastern region. It’s not even close to the threshold of a sacred place.”

“Besides, I really have the so-called Emperor’s talent. Can you take me as your disciple at the risk of being targeted by the two great sacred pla

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