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Time flew by, and another few months passed.

Everything was the same on Reclining Firewood Peak. Ye Changge signed in every day to accumulate his strength.

In an underground cave dozens of kilometers away from the Hidden Edge Sect, five people formed a circle with a strange bronze cauldron floating in the centre.

“If a strange treasure like the Dark Spirit Cauldron is taken out, the surrounding factions will definitely not let it go.”

“After we attract their attention, we can control it to fly to the Hidden Edge Sect. We don’t have to worry if they will be greedy. When the time comes to fight over the treasure, the strength of this generation of Hidden Edge Sect will be revealed.”

“Only we can afford to spend so much. However, it’s a pity that such treasure was taken away by the Hidden Edge Sect.”

“A diversion plan. They will be attracted by the treasure, and there will be people who will sneak into the underground again.”

“When we find out all the Hidden Edge Sect’s trump cards, we can make a move against them. When they are destroyed, we can take back all our investment.”


After coming up with a plan, the five of them unleashed their power.

The Dark Spirit Cauldron shook violently, and a brilliant light indicating the treasure shot into the sky, instantly blasting open the cave and the sky.

The surrounding major forces all detected the light belonging to the treasure.

In the nearest elegant city, the pedestrians all raised their heads and stared at the light pillar in the distance.

Countless figures soared into the sky, and teams set off from various mansions.

The Illusory Sword Sect, Hidden Fish Gang, Emerald Moon Tower..

The surrounding major and minor forces that had detected the situation all sent out their manpower.

Soon, many battles broke out.

More and more people gathered, and the battles became more and more intense. However, because they blocked each other, no one had touched the Dark Spirit Cauldron yet.

However, the Dark Spirit Cauldron reacted on its own. It soared into the sky and flew straight towards the Hidden Edge Sect.

“What’s going on? No one has touched the divine cauldron?”

“Judging from that direction, it seems to be the Hidden Edge Sect?”

“Oh no, the Hidden Edge Sect is not to be trifled with. If they make a move, we definitely won’t have a chance.”

“Speaking of which, it’s strange. We’ve been fighting for so long, but we still haven’t seen a single Hidden Edge Sect disciple come out?”

“Of course. They must have been observing in secret and only took action to snatch the treasured cauldron when they saw that we were almost done fighting.”

In fact, they didn’t know that, according to the sect rules of the Hidden Edge Sect, a Dark Spirit Cauldron was not enough for them to participate in this kind of dispute.

Unfortunately, when people were blinded by greed, they were unable to calm down and think carefully about the prob

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