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He Xiuxing packed his luggage and came to pay his respects to Ye Changge.

“Ah, cultivation. Sit down. As your master, I will share some common knowledge of the cultivation world with you. You would do well to learn some information about the sect as well.”


After he sat down, Ye Changge spoke again, “Our world is called the Heavenly Mortal World. It is said to be one of ten thousand worlds. Of course, this is only a legend.”

“The Mortal World is divided into five regions.”

“The Hidden Edge Sect is one of the top ten sects in the eastern region. Of course, you are not expected to think much of a sect with that name.”

“The actual strength of our sect may not be what it seems, but the cultivation world is rife with crouching tigers and hidden dragons. No one knows which sleeves would hide any trump cards. A name is not enough to scare people.”

“Therefore, our sect is only ranked in the top ten. That placing alone prevents certain flies from coming over to cause trouble. It saves us from quite the hassle.”

“But beyond that, we are not actually competing for rankings. There is no practical significance.”

“The path of cultivation has twelve major realms, or at least that would be the case in this world. Of course, higher realms exist, but they are older than we can comprehend.”

“These twelve realms start from: Body Tempering Realm, Qi Storage Realm, and Pulse Realm. These three realms are the basic realms.”

“Next are the Origin Liquid realm, Spirit Sea Realm, and Primordial Spirit Realm. These are called the lower three realms. At this point, a cultivator would already be considered to have lost himself in the pursuit of cultivation.”

“Next are the Refined Realm, Rebirth Realm, and Tribulation Realm. These are called the middle three realms. At this level, one can already see the door of the Great Dao from afar.”

“Finally, there are the Saint Prying realm, the Entry Saint realm, and the Breaking Realm. These are known as the upper three realms. The upper three realms can already scrape the surface of the Great Dao.”

“Each realm is divided into one to nine levels. Our sect’s strongest expert, sect master Ding Xingbo, is an Immortal Soul Expert.”


“Of course, you know the name of our sect. The ‘Hidden Edge sect’, lives up to its namesake of hiding its edge.”

“Therefore, the actual strength of the sect leader is definitely not at the Primordial Spirit Realm. It remains unknown.”


“Granted, the deception is greatly exaggerated. As the sect leader of one of the ten great sects of the eastern region, the strongest person is only a cultivator at the lower three realms, hoping to break through to the middle three realms. Who would believe this? However, this also maintains the mystery of the sect.”

“We have deliberately set the pieces for such suspicion for the cultivation world is an extremely dangerous place.”

“Here, the young will go to the old, and the old will go to

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