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The Scarlet Flame Ghost Lord was very surprised. He never thought that the young man opposite him would be so powerful. With a casual wave of his hand, he had killed two of his subordinates.

“Killing my people in my presence? Kid, you really messed up this time!”


After cursing at him, the Scarlet Flame Ghost Lord waved his hand and produced a massive spiritual saber. “Die!”


The form of the saber slashed the air repeatedly as it headed towards Ye Changge.


The saber glowed a blood-red. When it was swung, a mournful howl accompanied it. It was the souls of the ones who had been killed by the saber.

The sea of blood surged and black qi filled the air like miasma. The aura of the Crossing Calamity Stage was no longer contained.

Dark clouds started to gather in the sky, accompanied by flashes of lightning. This was the Thunder Tribulation of the Crossing Calamity Stage. It was a ruthless phenomenon of the Crossing Calamity Stage that held nothing back.

Sect Leader Ding was watching the battle in front of the main peak. His expression changed drastically. He turned his head in shock.

Ye Changge pulled out his long sword. He circulated his sword spirit and sent it forward.

A green ray of sword light shot up into the sky before changing directions to meet the saber light. The saber light was split into two halves.

The sword light did not diminish even after the collision. The condensed sword light flew straight into Scarlet Flame Ghost Lord, splitting him into two halves, from head to toe.

It continued to advance. The Tribulation Cloud in the sky was struck and quickly dispersed.

“That’s it?” Ye Changge questioned yet again.

A violent explosion rocked Yun Xiao Peak with a deafening bang.


More than a dozen figures quickly flitted towards the source of the commotion.

Ye Changge despised trouble. He did not want to face the endless patrols and inquiries that followed, so he quickly returned to Reclining Firewood Peak.


One figure after another came to a stop. Everyone was brimming with vigor. One look was enough to tell that they were all of high cultivation.

A man in blue robes exclaimed in shock, “The aura here contains traces of the Tribulation Transcension Realm! It’s the aura of an expert who is about to reach the upper three realms! A sword had cleaved it into two!”

“Three ferryboat beetles were also reduced to ash! They were struck by the aftermath of the attack.”

“Ferryboat beetles, aren’t they mutated insects that went extinct thousands of years ago?”

Sect Leader Ding’s face was dark.

First, someone had come to investigate, only to be thrown into the main hall of the main peak.

Now, Tribulation Transcension Realm experts and mutated insects that had disappeared for thousands of years had emerged again.

On top of that, such an expert had actually been killed here!

Looking at the remnants of the scene, they had all been killed

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