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The elder of the acceptance hall stood up and announced, “Everyone, congratulations on passing the trial of our sect.”


“Next, it’s time for each peak to choose their disciples. The main branch will choose first according to the order.”

Sect Master Ding went straight to the point and directly said to Li Shiyi, “Li Shiyi, I would like to take you in as my disciple. From now on, you will be the disciple of the main branch of the Hidden Edge Sect. Are you willing?”

The other chief seats saw Sect Leader Ding directly asking about Li Shiyi and knew that there was nothing for them to do, so they could only turn their eyes to others.

“I am most honored, and you have my utmost gratitude, Sect Leader. However, I have someone else in mind as my master. Please forgive me, Sect Leader!”

Ding Xingbo was an elder. He had only asked his question in such a manner out of pleasantry. He never expected to be rejected like so.

This was beyond his expectations. He looked Li Shiyi straight in the eye and said, “Are you really not willing to take me as your master?”

“The Sect Leader is busy with affairs and has profound cultivation. I am clumsy and rough around the edges, I do not wish to give you any more trouble.”

Having heard the flat rejection, Sect leader Ding was stunned. He had never expected to be turned down.

The eyes of the other chief monks lit up. He already had someone else in mind as his Master? Could it be him?

They quickly tried to mediate the situation.

Daoist Qing Cang, the Chief Priest of Shaoyang, stood up and bowed to the sect leader.

“Sect leader, I think he is right. You are busy with your cultivation and have sect affairs to deal with. Why don’t have this ingrate join my Shaoyang Branch? My hands have been idle lately.”


“Nonsense. You are also an external elder. Are your hands so idle to the point where you can teach disciples? Why don’t I take this disciple?”

“No, no, no. I think I’m more suitable. This kid has sword Qi. It’s just right. Among the masters, my sword cultivation is the highest, so it’s most suitable for him to take me as his master.”

“Your sword cultivation is the highest? Who said that?”

“If you’re not convinced, go out and spar me!”

These old foxes were usually calm, composed and poised. They all maintained such similar appearances.

But when it came to such a disciple, they lost all dignity and started squabbling with one another.

Li Shiyi looked on as the masters argued. Only Ye Changge remained sitting firmly on Mount Tai. He couldn’t help but feel anxious.

“Could it be that this grandmaster doesn’t like me?”

“Yes, how could such a grandmaster take the initiative to fight for me as his disciple? I’m afraid that my sword cultivation is not worth mentioning in his eyes.”

After all, the Green Lotus sword bone was not easy to detect. On the surface, he was just a sword cultivator with a shallow cultivation and some sword qi.


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