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“What’s going on? Why is the earth shaking?”

“There are dark clouds and lightning in the sky… Could someone be using a powerful lightning technique nearby? And it’s targeting our Hidden Edge Sect?”

“It’s not a lightning technique. The lightning techniques of a cultivator don’t have this kind of pressure. This is a heavenly punishment!”

Just as the Hidden Edge Sect fell into chaos and a powerful existence was about to emerge from the mountain, a strange golden light suddenly appeared.

The cave heaven seed took root and sprouted, instantly emitting a strange golden light that enveloped Reclining Firewood Peak entirely. It even expanded outward with a faint momentum.

Following that, the cave heaven disappeared from Ye Changge’s sight.

He knew that the cave heaven and Reclining Firewood Peak had overlapped. From then on, Reclining Firewood Peak was within the cave heaven.

Ye Changge breathed a sigh of relief.

Starting from that moment, he had a stable foundation, and his survival in the world had skyrocketed.

As long as he and his disciple did not court death, provoke any existences, or cause internal problems, there would be the best guarantee on the preservation of his life.


Since the cave heaven was hidden, the lightning punishment in the sky suddenly dissipated, bewildering the members of the Hidden Edge Sect.

After he completed everything, Ye Changge did not detect any other movements, so he returned to the secret room and looked at another reward, the Indestructible Golden Body technique.

“The record of the Indestructible Golden Body technique is one of the ten great heavenly scriptures. It is a forbidden technique and not something that an ordinary person can cultivate.

“Upon successful cultivation, the person’s body will form its own system. The skin, muscles, tendons, and bones will become extremely mysterious existences. It will be difficult for even a divine weapon to harm it.

“Moreover, it will grant extremely strong vitality recovery. It won’t be difficult to be reborn from a drop of blood.

“Once it is cultivated successfully to such a great stage, one will be indestructible; the body will be the strongest weapon on its own. Furthermore, it is sufficient to suppress immortality itself and strike down all Saints.”

After Ye Changge read the introduction of the Indestructible Golden Body technique and understood the strength of the cultivation technique, he was excited.

With the base camp’s blessed land and the Indestructible Golden Body technique, as long as he concentrated on cultivating and signed in, he would be able to continue developing for a thousand years. Once he was reborn, he would definitely be able to suppress all immortals and defeat all Saints.

While he was excited, Ye Changge began to look at the materials needed to cultivate the Indestructible Golden Body technique.

[Colored soul qi, innate earth snake, fog Buddha vine, mysterious heaven si

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