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Heavenly Mortal World, Hidden Edge Sect, Reclining Firewood Peak.


Ye Changge looked at the system’s mission panel in front of him with excitement.

[System Mission: Recruit a first disciple.

[Mission time limit: 15 days.

[Mission reward: Hidden Kindness Cave Heaven Foundation, Indestructible Golden Body Technique.]


Finally, a new function! Finally, a mission panel!

It had been ten years since Ye Changge had transmigrated to this world. Ever since he had woken up and become a disciple of the Hidden Edge Sect, he had been bound to this system.


However, this system only had one sign-in function.


In his previous life, Ye Changge had strictly adhered to the path of moderation. He understood that there was always someone better than him. Ye Changge, who believed in avoiding the spotlight while slowly making preparations for whatever was ahead, understood the dangers of the mysterious fantasy world too well.


Thus, in these ten years, Ye Changge did not take a single step out of Reclining Firewood Peak. He just silently signed in.

So far, according to the intelligence provided to the public, in Hidden Edge Sect and the entire eastern region of the Heavenly Mortal Realm, Ye Changge could be considered an expert.

However, Ye Changge was well-versed in the ways of the fantasy world. From young to old, from old to even older.


Even if you didn’t go and cause trouble, there was no guarantee that trouble would not come.


Originally, he had planned to try his best not to get involved with karma aside from the system’s arrangements.

If there was no way to avoid it, he would work hard to repay the good karma, and the evil karma would be eradicated by the roots.


Everything was planned and done, and he had to maintain a level playing field. He had to be ordinary, to not show off, and to quietly sign in.

Apart from Bu Yi Zhenren, the chief monk of Reclining Firewood Peak — who took him in as a disciple and was now wandering outdoors —Ye Changge basically did not care about anyone else.


Only the system could rely on him. He originally thought that he would always sign in at the mountains to accumulate strength. He quietly waited for the time to leave the mountains.


He didn’t expect the system to give him a surprise today. The mission function was activated, and he was asked to accept a disciple.

Ye Changge, who had already verified that the system wouldn’t harm him, knew that this was a new way to increase his strength apart from signing in.


He had to make good use of this opportunity.

Moreover, as he looked at the quest reward, the word “Indestructible” from “Indestructible Golden Body Technique” was very appealing to Ye Changge.

With one look, one could tell that after cultivating it, one’s survival ability would be greatly improved.

Perhaps after cultivating it in a profound realm, one would really be able to

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