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Hidden Edge sect.

“Sect leader, should we investigate all the young and famous experts who have appeared in the past thousand years?”

“Investigate,” Sect leader Ding turned his head and replied, “Not only do we have to investigate, but we also have to gather information on the experts in the eastern region who did not become famous at a young age.”

“Although it is very likely that the experts have been reborn, not everyone turns out so overbearing. We can not allow others to disobey us.”

“Perhaps some strong people are still able to remain in the shadows. They were not outstanding in their youth, but their realms are still rising rapidly. That is the likely explanation.”

“Our sect is experiencing such a situation. How do you know that the reborn person is not like us? Perhaps he is within our sect.”

After saying that, Sect Leader Ding seemed to realize that he had just attempted a bad joke. He smiled bitterly and waved his hand.


In the Western Region, Ye Changge began to carefully examine his other gains.

“Demon’s tear.” It was a drop of blood-red teardrop-shaped gemstone that was filled with violent energy.

Ye Changge felt a powerful presence within the gemstone.

“This thing can help people comprehend laws? Is this the Great Dao of Slaughter?”

Frowning, Ye Changge felt comparable vibes from the doll that Fang Yuru had taken earlier.

Not intending to comprehend the laws of slaughter, Ye Changge stored the demon’s tear into his storage ring.

Perhaps it would have other uses in the future.

He picked up another item. It was a long banner.

After some careful investigation, Ye Changge figured out the origin of this magic treasure.

Back then, those experts from the outer realms had extracted the Qi from various places, and the final product that they refined should be this banner.

Just like the Blood Flame Demon Sword, Ye Changge felt that this magic treasure was a half-finished product, or rather, it was part of a certain magic treasure.

Previously, the Sword Emperor’s afterimage had said that the factions behind those experts from other realms would appear again.

It was very likely that they had returned to snatch this banner that had been refined into an ordinary Earth God banner.

“Who dares come to the mortal world and do as they please, fishing after draining the pond and extracting Earth Qi to refine a magic treasure? Kill them all!”

As soon as Ye Changge finished his sentence, the Unity Sword in front of him let out a light sword hum.

With a smile, Ye Changge put away the unity sword.

He raised his head and looked up. He vaguely sensed that someone was spying on him from above.

Gathering his qi and energy, Ye Changge let out a quiet exclamation. Then, he exerted his strength and shot up into the sky.

On the surface of the west ocean, a huge whirlpool appeared again. In the Dark Hole, a golden figure flew out.

Tens of thousands of mete

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