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Chapter 43: Various Rankings

When all three quasi-emperors failed, the people of this world began to shift their attention.

The people who were being watched were the young talents of the younger generation.

They had a much stronger future.

When the opportunity to become an Emperor arrived, apart from those who were already qualified, those young people had the greatest chance.

The secrets of heaven began to make urgent plans.

They contacted the various major powers and began to consolidate the information.

For example, the Joyous Union Sect, which operated fireworks venues in various places.

And the various large casinos.

This included many large trading firms that spanned different regions.

These powers all had extremely strong intelligence gathering abilities.

Together with the Heaven’s Secrets Tower, the Stargazing Sect, and the Wan Xiang Sect, which could be calculated,.

Various rankings were created.

This included the Azure Sky rankings, which recorded the information of young experts under the age of 100.

With this special talent, the overall quality was potent, and people thought that it was possible to break through to the Great Emperor Realm in the future, to reach the hidden dragon rankings.

It recorded all sorts of quasi-emperor rankings that had the qualifications to break through to the Great Emperor Realm.

These were the three rankings that received the most attention.

The Azure Sky rankings only recorded the current young experts, taking out 3,000 people. It was known as the 3,000 Azure Sky Rankings.

The Hidden Dragon Proclamation recorded the overall strength. After the quasi-emperor giant frog failed, his howl made people realize the importance of the overall quality.

There was no limit to the number of people on the Hidden Dragon Proclamation. All those who were qualified would be registered.

Whether it was the Proclamation of Azure Sky or the Hidden Dragon Proclamation, Li Shiyi was shockingly on it.

He even entered the top ten of the Proclamation of Azure Sky and was ranked eighth.

Many forces knew that he not only had sword intent, but he had also comprehended sword spirit.

This grade had comprehended sword spirit, and his battle strength was close to many middle-aged experts.

The last one was the quasi-emperor list.

This list only recorded the names or titles of the experts.

And whether they died or failed, their names would remain.

There were six people on the quasi-emperor list.

The Eight Trigrams Giant Turtle, the Southern Border Giant Frog and The Plundering Forest.

These three were the first to break through to the Great Emperor Realm.

The next two were the Three-headed God-devil of the southern border and the Eight Trigrams Quasi-emperor of the West Ocean.

The combat strength they had displayed and the treasures they had obtained from the quasi-emperor realm were noted.

Both of them were c

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