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Chapter 54: The Ceremony of the Hidden Edge Sect

Hidden Edge Sect, main sect square.

He pretended to be serious, but he could not hide his excitement. Sect Leader Ding stood quietly on the highest platform in front of the main hall.

Around him were the other seven chief seats, as well as Li Shiyi.

The other chiefs could not hide their excitement either.

After all, an Emperor had appeared in the Hidden Edge Sect!

Li Shiyi was very calm.

He knew that Ye Changge’s wish was to become a saint, and an Emperor wasn’t his master’s limit.

As a human, and if he were to develop normally, he would, at most, reach the Emperor Realm.

Becoming Ye Changge’s apprentice was not his limit either.

Many people at the square were sent by various factions to contact the Hidden Edge Sect.

Many of them were from the sacred land factions of the central region.

On one hand, it was inevitable that they would come into contact with the Hidden Edge Sect.

On the other hand, they needed to test Ye Changge’s attitude toward them.

After all, Ye Changge had said that no faction without an Emperor was allowed to call themselves a sacred land.

Did this mean that the Hidden Edge Sect wanted to call theirs a sacred land and that they were the only faction who could?

In the dark, many factions had already started to join forces.

There were also disciples from the Hidden Edge Sect’s various branches in the square.

The most eye-catching people in the square were the guest elders standing at the side.

They were all dressed differently, and their appearances and races were all different.

They only had two things in common. One was that each of them had a jade token hanging from their waist, and they were all giving off strange waves of energy.

The other thing was that no matter who it was, and whether they were emitting a majestic or fierce aura, everyone was very powerful.

“This Hidden Edge Sect is really incredible. Their current momentum alone can allow them to be considered as the number one sect in the eastern region. All of the top ten sects in the eastern region have become a thing of the past.”

“Let’s not talk about the eastern region. Who would dare to fight against Hidden Edge Sect now? They have an Emperor. Who else has one?”

“I just don’t know who this Emperor is. It’s strange that such an expert hasn’t become famous.”

“Didn’t you see the name of his sect? Hidden Edge Sect! He’s hiding his greatest trump card. He’s directly bringing out an Emperor.”

“Now that everyone knows he has an Emperor, what’s there to hide?”

“That’s why he’s not hiding anymore. Didn’t you see the ceremony? So many people were invited. Those honored guests all had powerful auras.”

The people below were discussing animatedly, and some were even chatting in a joking manner.

“Who said that this is their greatest trump card? Maybe there’s someone even stronger, like another Great Emperor?”

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