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Chapter 48: The Investigation of the 47th Faction

Ye Changge carefully examined the method to repair the Giant Pillar of the Heavenly Mortal World.

Firstly, he needed as many Giant Pillars as possible.

Secondly, he needed to repair the parts that were already completely damaged.

Thirdly, he needed to communicate with the will of the Heavenly Mortal World so that the Giant Pillar and the Heavenly Mortal World could be connected once again.

Ye Changge looked at the materials he needed and his eyes tightened.

He would probably have to search all over the world and he would have to sign in more often.

However, now that his strength had soared, his disciples would be able to go out more often.

He would leave some of the materials for them to retrieve.

In any case, the small ones would make the first move.

Among the small ones and the old ones, he was currently the strongest in the Heavenly Mortal World.

Only his disciples would use this method to intimidate others. No one else would use this method to intimidate him.

If those sacred lands knew what their sects would encounter next, they would probably be terrified.

Ye Changge began to carefully check the requirements of the World Guardian Array.

After a summary, there were a few points.

Firstly, it needed people who were proficient in array formations to help in construction.

Secondly, it also needed many precious materials.

Thirdly, it needed to be after the Giant Pillar communicated with the will of the Heavenly Mortal World.

Fourthly, it required the formation foundation of various attributes to be placed in various positions so they would finally be able to communicate.

And these requirements extended to two points.

He needed powerful formation cultivation and artifact refinement skills.

He had never learned these two skills before.

“Look at this requirement. Ordinary level formation methods and artifact refinement methods can’t meet this requirement.”

“Either the system signs in and obtains it, or the only way is…”

Ye Changge raised his head to look at the sky.

“Or I can only go to the outer realms to snatch it. After all, there are so many worlds. What I don’t have here, other worlds might have.”

So, he made these plans.

In the entire Heavenly Mortal World, as long as one was good at observing the heavenly secrets, the inheritance of the sect that could comprehend the heavenly will suddenly received an urgent message.

Heavenly Mortal World, Heavenly Secrets Tower.

“Quickly report to Elder Tianyu, there’s a divine armament warning bell. As for what exactly happened, we’ll have to let someone make a prediction.”

“Elder, don’t worry, I’ll go report it right away.”

Myriad Flowers World, Heavenly Water Moon Mirror.

At the peak of a towering mountain, two beautiful women sat opposite each other.

In the distance, a small waterfall flowed down. Ripples appeared on

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