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Yellow Flower Mountain. Ye Changge found this place a little strange.

It was originally just an ordinary mountain range and was not famous.

According to the investigation of the Hidden Edge Sect, this was once the location of a powerful sacred land’s sect.

According to legends, this sect had given birth to the number one Emperor-level existence in the entire Heavenly Mortal World.

After countless years, this sect had long since disappeared.

Even its name could not be investigated.

However, Ye Changge had just arrived here when he discovered that there was an ancient array formation underground.

Many people were underground, and no one knew what they were doing.

“A sect that has already disappeared for so long, could it still have a successor?”

Curious, Ye Changge planned to conceal his aura and go down to take a look at the situation.

At his current realm, he could be considered able to do as he pleased and not overstep the rules.

Without a thought, Ye Changge concealed his figure and used the Earth Escape Technique to sneak underground.

When he reached underground, he discovered that there were countless underground tunnels that he could meander through.

“Looks like this place really isn’t abandoned. These tunnels have been reinforced with arrays.”

Soon, after passing through several large caves and tens of thousands of meters of tunnels, he arrived at a huge cave.

There were nearly a hundred people gathered here.

Ye Changge was a little curious.

Because these people’s auras were all different.

But, without a doubt, everyone’s auras were strong.

All of them were wrapped in black robes of different styles.

It was obvious that they had gone through special treatment and could hide their auras.

If it was not for Ye Changge’s current profound realm, he might not have been able to discover these people underground.

After a brief analysis, he found that there were at least a dozen different factions gathered here.

“So, the Vast Sea sect has already made preparations. What’s left are those Great Emperor’s legacy factions that have yet to contact us.”

“Heavenly Star City, Purple Clouds Palace, these two sects have yet to contact us.”

“Heavenly Star City doesn’t need to care. According to our investigation, they were the ones leading this time. They just want to be the last to make an appearance.”

“Hmph, those people from Heavenly Star City still can’t change this stinky habit.”

“There’s nothing we can do about it. They think that they had the strongest Emperor in the Heavenly Mortal World, but they’ve always been pretentious.”

“Who here isn’t the inheritance of an Emperor’s faction? The strongest Emperor? Heavenly Star Emperor has never fought my Emperor before.”

The topic was a little off. The black-clothed person who was presiding over the meeting interrupted the discussion, standing alone on a huge rock.

“Now is not the time to ta

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