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Chapter 46: The Eight Trigrams Quasi-emperor Had Died. The Outer Realm Calamity Was About to Arrive

Although the three gods looked fierce and wild, they were the first to admit defeat.

“Great Emperor, I chose the first option to become a guest elder of the Hidden Edge Sect. But you’re restricting my freedom too much.”

The alien race quickly replied.

Ye Changge nodded.

He hoped to be able to provide assistance to the sect, but he did not want to kill any living beings.

Furthermore, when he killed the invaders from the outer realms, he had a vague feeling.

The reason why the Heavenly Mortal World had sealed off the Giant Pillar in the past might have something to do with this faction.

In the future, they might face each other and directly kill a powerful existence like the Three-headed God-Devil. This would undoubtedly weaken the strength of the Heavenly Mortal World.

Of course, if the other party refused to accept it, then Ye Changge would not be polite either.

Right now, he was still invincible in the Mortal World. He would not give a good ending to someone who had previously schemed against him but was now stubbornly resisting.

“What about you guys?”

Ye Changge asked indifferently.

The people who were still on the ground, apart from those who had previously agreed to become guest elders, were already sprawled on the ground.

This was because Ye Changge did not withdraw his aura.

His terrifying pressure was still rising!

The mosquito-sized old man’s body suddenly erupted with a powerful white airflow.

The airflow rapidly cut through the space around him. The old man fled at a speed that most of the people present could not react to.

“This is… Kong Yihen? Could this be the legendary mutated rift creature?”

Ye Changge was also very interested when he heard that someone knew of the old man’s background. He asked, “Do you know where he came from?”

The person who spoke was of a strange race that had a human body with goat hooves.

The person was flattered. “Your Majesty! That is the legendary rift worm of our southern border. I heard that their innate ability is related to space.”

Swallowing his saliva, the person continued, “This kind of divine beast can tear through space in an instant. Its speed is astonishing. If a cultivator obtains it, they can use this ability at the same time.”

“Since that’s the case, then we can’t let him escape.”

With a flip of his hand, he activated the universe in his palm, and the escaping rift worm was once again caught by him.

With another wave of his hand, the rift worm was thrown out of his palm.

This mysterious use of divine abilities made the others completely convinced. As expected of an Emperor-tier expert.

“I submit! I beg the Emperor to give me a chance. I am willing to become a guest elder of the Hidden Edge Sect!”

The worm turned its body into the size of an ordinary person and quickly cupped his ha

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