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Chapter 41: Failed One After Another, and Ye Changge Went into Closed-door Cultivation

On Reclining Firewood Peak.

Ye Changge was also making preparations.

Unlike the other three who wanted to try to become an emperor, he was not in a hurry.

He was fully prepared, and his strength was very potent. His understanding of the Heavenly Dao was not bad either.

The cultivation technique level given by the system was also very high. Just as Ye Changge thought, the emperor was just passing through, and the saint was the end.

“Shiyi, Tianxing, the two of you should cultivate well here. When I’m not around, you must remember to hide your trump cards and keep a low profile.”

“If there really is something, you must kill decisively and get rid of the root of the problem.”

“Especially Shiyi. Some of your previous actions don’t seem very mature to me. Your younger sister is the reincarnation of an emperor, and her memories have been restored. You can listen to her more often.”

Li Shi Yi’s expression was awkward. He nodded and replied, “Don’t worry, master. I’ll do as you say!”

Ye Changge continued to exhort, “I’ll activate Hidden Kindness Cave Heaven and have it cover the Hidden Edge Sect and the surrounding lands. You guys will be safe. Cultivate well.”

“The cave heaven has already developed to a certain extent. It’s time to reveal a portion of it. Now that the world has changed, it’s not unusual for the Hidden Edge Sect’s spiritual energy to become denser.”

While the master and disciple were conversing seriously, Ye Changge sensed something. He waved his hand, and three scenes appeared in the cave heaven.

In one of the scenes, there was a huge toad. Its body was like a mountain, and its power was terrifying.

In the other two scenes, one showed a spiritual turtle floating in the sea. Its body was also as huge as an island.

The last one was a forest. It was densely covered with giant trees that stretched for thousands of miles. The leaves were colorful and mottled strangely. Not only did they not seem to have any signs of life, but there was also a strong aura of death.

“A toad, a turtle, and a forest. Are these the three existences who seized the heavenly secrets and tried to break through to the Emperor Realm?”

Ye Changge looked at the images and spoke calmly.

Li Shiyi looked shocked. “Master! How many emperors will appear in the end when these three have such powerful auras and become emperors at the same time?”

“In my opinion, none of them will appear, “Yu Tianxing answered on Ye Changge’s behalf.

“Why is that? Younger sister, what are your justifications?”

At the same time, a change occurred in the third picture.

On the countless trees in the forest, red and stinky roots spread out in all directions, and countless branches spread out.

A huge amount of spiritual energy circulated throughout the entire forest, and the resentment of the many living beings blotted out

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