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After a long time, the development of the matter was explained clearly.

It took the refiners some time to digest the news.


World Barrier!

These two terms shocked them immediately.

The materials and techniques they had seen before were so ingenious and magical that everyone was amazed.

If they could keep observing, the refining level of the entire ten thousand arts world would rise to another level.

“Sect Master Shuiyue! Please let me stay here to study and observe all the images of this Emperor!”

Dozens of refiners requested at the same time.

“Don’t worry, everyone. I’ve invited you here to learn all the techniques of this Emperor.”

“However, please enlighten us. What is this Emperor doing now?”

Hearing the question, the refiners discussed for a while and soon sent out representatives.

A skinny old man stepped forward.

He was the chief refiner of the Myriad Treasures Building, Zheng Xu, a top-tier refining sect.

Only the Myriad Treasures Building, which had expanded its business to the entire world, could afford to produce such a high-level refiner.

“Let me explain.”

“Actually, from the beginning to the end, the Emperor was only dealing with the materials.”

“But after everyone’s explanation, we have a conclusion.”

“I believe that everyone saw the Heavenly Mortal Stone Tablet and the fragment of the Giant Pillar that appeared in the image just now.”

“From the aura, we believe that the two should have been one.”

“The material that the Emperor processed was used to repair a part of the Giant Pillar.”

“According to our observations, this Giant Pillar is no trivial thing.”

“There is a strange pressure and a strong aura coming from it. It might be part of the World Barrier that you spoke about.”

Hearing Zheng Xu’s words, the array masters were a little flustered.

“Then according to what you said, Master Zheng, we might not be able to set up a complete array?”

Zheng Xu nodded. “Of course, but we don’t need to set up a complete array either.”

“We can also try to imitate this Giant Pillar to use as the core. And you guys set up the array.”

“I understand what Master Zheng Xu means. We only need to repair the south pole’s big hole. Indeed, we don’t need a complete World Barrier.”

Many people reacted, “Yes, yes, we only need a weakened version. After all, a World Barrier exists naturally in our world!”

The dispirited look was gone.

The 40th generation’s leader of the Profound Array Sect walked out of the crowd.

“Master Zheng Xu, it seems that the refiners and array masters of our world are going to have an unprecedented cooperation!”

“Yes! This is a matter of life and death for the Myriad Flowers World, and it is a matter of life and death for the rest of the world. I am honored!”

Zheng Xu looked at the 40th generation’s leader of the Profound Array Sect, who was also old, and felt excited!

A strong sense of honor

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