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Chapter 49: Hidden Holy Peak Sect

Ye Changge wouldn’t know because there were people in the nearby worlds who had discovered his actions. His name was known throughout the world.

The new Emperor had resisted the Heavenly Dao Tribulation and became the focus of attention of many major powers in the nearby worlds.

Reclining Firewood Peak.

“Giant Pillar, I know how to fix you. I need to try my best to find the whereabouts of your other key parts. Can you feel them?”

Ye Changge and the Giant Pillar did not receive a response for a long time after saying this.

He frowned and looked at the other party.

The Giant Pillar was extremely shocked and did not know how to reply.

There was actually someone who could think of a way to repair it at the Emperor Realm! It was an existence at the God realm!

However, thinking about this strange cave heaven world and how the other party had reached the Emperor Realm with a terrifying foundation…

The person in front of him, Ye Changge, was probably the person in this world who had the greatest chance of repairing it.

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

As if he was too excited, the Heavenly Giant Pillar sent out many messages.

Apart from expressing his gratitude, there were also some locations that he sensed were holding his key parts.

Ye Changge looked around carefully.

It was really everywhere, underground, under the sea, and in some places high in the sky.

He thought for a moment, nodded, and left.

“Next, I should let my disciples increase their strength.”

He cleaned up his inventory.

“Tiantian, come here.”

“I have some spirit stones here. Take them.”

He took out a new storage ring, which contained a large pile of top-grade spirit stones.

“Also, when I was breaking through to the Emperor Realm, I absorbed too many spirit stones from the sect. Take the spirit stones from this ring and give them to the sect.”

He took out a large pile of top-grade spirit stones, followed by all kinds of pills.

“These are the North Star Soul-Gathering Pill, the Form Refining Dark Pill, the Heavenly Jade Life-Returning Pill, the Grand Moon Three Yuan Inner Pill, the Sun Foundation Profound Pill, the Heavenly Radiant Marrow Cleansing Pill…”

As Ye Changge took out one pill bottle after another, he spoke his name.

Li Shiyi was already stunned and rooted in place.

Yu Tianxing also covered her little face.

As she was the Heavenly Star Emperor, she had established the Heavenly Star Divine Dynasty, and obtained countless resources. She had also eaten these pills before.

However, Ye Changge’s pill grade was too high.

The quality was too outstanding, completely stunning him.

“Tianxing, grasp it yourself. Shiyi, you took it under your younger sister’s supervision. I hope that all of your strengths will improve greatly!”

“Yes, Master!”

In the entire Heavenly Mortal Realm.

As Ye Changge came out of seclusion.

The phenomenon di

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