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Chapter 44: A Strange Phenomenon Appeared. Danger Lurked Everywhere

Eastern region.

The speed at which the Hidden Edge Sect absorbed the spiritual energy was increasing.

The entire eastern region was affected.

Many people had already been unable to cultivate for a month.

This was because the surrounding spiritual energy was being sucked away at a rapid speed.

The vast majority of experts discovered that they were unable to compete with the other party!

Hidden Edge Sect, Reclining Firewood Peak.

Ye Changge slowly opened his eyes.

After a period of sorting out his qi, he finally straightened out his qi and circulated all of his cultivation techniques to his heart’s content.


Connecting his senses to heaven and earth at the same time, Ye Changge officially began to break through to the Emperor Realm!


Everyone in the Heavenly Mortal Realm faintly heard the cry of a sword.

The Myriad Swords Gate, the Ten Ultimate Sword Sect, the Heavenly Mountain Sword Bone, the famed Thorn Tower…

Many Sword Dao sacred lands.

All the swords above the spirit weapon level automatically unsheathed.

“Is this reaction really a heaven and earth phenomenon? Breaking through to the Emperor Realm? This quasi-emperor is a Sword Dao expert?”

“Using a sword to break through to the emperor realm. Hiss! This quasi-emperor can’t be the Sword Tomb Emperor, right?”

Following this deduction, more and more people felt that the Hidden Edge Sect was extraordinary.

However, after going through the name list and investigating all the information about the Hidden Edge Sect, they still couldn’t find out who that expert was.

However, combining this with the fact that several experts of the Hidden Edge Sect had been killed by someone with a single sword.

The Master of the sword tomb was in the midst of the uproar caused by the rumors of the Hidden Edge Sect.

Experts who believed themselves to be strong all rushed to the Hidden Edge Sect.

Those who did not have the strength to were all waiting for the result.

However, to their surprise, the eastern region continued to attract spiritual energy.

After the sword chime, other sword chimes sounded.

However, there was no follow-up.

The three quasi-emperors who tried to break through to the Great Emperor realm all saw results within a day.

And the giant frog quasi-emperor who persisted the longest caused many heaven and earth phenomena within a day.

However, this Hidden Edge Sect expert, who was in the midst of breaking through, was just wasting his time.

For the next few days, there were no other changes.

Ordinary people gave up waiting and continued to live their lives.

Ethereal songs could be heard everywhere.

They could not know the exact lyrics, and they could not restore the true melody.

However, everyone seemed to have their hearts cleansed.

Many experts who were struggling with their stat

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