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Ye Changge could not be bothered with these people anymore.

His goal was to find the Giant Pillar of the Heavenly Mortal World after all.

If these forces really caused trouble together, it would be even better.

It would be better for him to directly suppress them.

Settling this once and for all would be more in line with Ye Changge’s intentions.

He turned around and left the giant cave.

Arriving at the deepest cave he could reach, Ye Changge began to execute the technique given by the Giant Pillar.

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

A strange fluctuation spread out in all directions.

After waiting for a while, another fluctuation came from the ground, beneath Ye Changge.

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

The ground began to tremble.

The people of the sacred land who were in the middle of the cave were bewildered.

“What’s going on?”

“Something seems to be reacting underground?”

“Could it be an earthquake?”

“How is that possible? With the suppression of the fate of this nameless sect and the suppression of so many formations, it’s impossible for an earthquake to happen.”

“The aura is getting stronger and stronger. Could it be that a numinous treasure has been born?”

Everyone’s eyes lit up.

One after another, they exercised their divine senses to investigate the underground.

Unfortunately, there were many array formations set up here, isolating and weakening their senses.

“I’ll make a move first and go underground to investigate.”

“I’ll make a move first as well. Fellow Daoists, this way please.”

With someone taking the lead, many experts of the sacred land did not stay any longer and flew out one after another.

The fluctuations became stronger and stronger, and small cracks began to appear in the cave.

Ye Changge contacted the fragment of the Giant Pillar that was sleeping underground.

This fragment had not been replenished and could not be moved now.

Ye Changge could only come into contact with it personally and bring it back to the Hidden Edge Sect.

After careful consideration, he used the Earth Tunnelling Technique and quickly moved underground.

The powerful undulations began to attack the Yellow Flower Mountain.

On the mountain, many rocks that were lying flat rolled down the mountain.

“What on earth happened?”

“Look at the treasures underground, are they about to be born?”

“All treasures are born, and those who are fated will get them. Everyone, let’s see what the real deal is.”

As the aura of the Giant Pillar of the Heavenly Mortal World became stronger and stronger, the experts of the sacred land started to stir.

Many people were already emitting auras, speeding up their journey while at the same time, being wary of everyone around them.

“I can feel it! This powerful spiritual energy!”

Someone shouted excitedly, even forgetting to change his voice.

“Old man Guan! With your strength, it’s better for you to stand aside. You

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