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Dong Lin Mountain, Ren’an Cave.

It was once the White Moon Sect’s mountain gate, a sacred place in ancient times. It was full of spiritual energy and experts.

Later, a peerless genius had appeared at Dong Lin Gate. He had then vowed to inherit the glory of the sect’s founder and become the White Moon Sect’s second great emperor.

However, he had been too confident in himself and had failed to break through to the Great Emperor Realm at the mountain gate.

Unlike the Heavenly Dao Academy’s Sage of Confucianism, this White Moon Sect genius had gone crazy at the last moment.

He had continued to absorb Ren’an Cave’s Spiritual Qi, as well as Earth Qi, and even killed the sect’s disciples to extract their cultivation.

In the end, he had gotten enough energy, but his state of mind had been in total chaos. He could not circulate his body, spiritual sense, and spiritual power into one. Ultimately, he died and his Dao disappeared.

The White Moon Sect had then proceeded to decline. Ren’an Cave’s earth veins had been destroyed, and its Spiritual Qi had spread out.


Moonlight shone, and a white figure flashed past. It was Ye Changge.

“System, sign in.”

“Congratulations, host, you have gained the memory of breaking through to the Emperor Realm.

“Congratulations, host, you have obtained the White Moon Sect’s fundamental inheritance, the Moon God technique.

“Congratulations, host, you have obtained the Heavenly Immortal Feather Spring Water.”

Once he was done signing in, Ye Changge obtained some of the rewards he needed.

They would be able to help him become an emperor.

At the same time, the world around him underwent a temporary change.

Up in the sky, the shadow of the genius who had failed to become an emperor appeared.

The shadow sighed and was filled with regret.

The entire Dong Lin Mountain felt his grief. The trees and flowers withered, while the animals and insects on the mountain all died of old age.

“Trash. Even after death, you still have an obsession. Not only did you sever the inheritance of your own sect, but you also want to harm the current Dong Lin Mountain. Scram!”

Ye Changge waved his hand unhappily, and the shadow was promptly dispersed.

He shook his head due to the unfortunate occurrence. After that, Ye Changge’s figure flashed, and he went to his next destination.

Dong Lin Mountain had become a barren mountain in a day. The surrounding farmers and hunters were all panicking, and no one knew the cause.


Dahui Sea, An Jiao Harbor.

It was a bustling port city. There were once flood dragons that committed crimes there and devoured the people as well as the food.

Some time later, an expert had descended and fought with the flood dragon there. At the last minute, the flood dragon had forcefully shed its skin and transcended the tribulation, wanting to transform into a dragon there.

The expert had ultimately chosen to self-destruct

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