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Chapter 42: All of Them Failed

After Ye Changge went into seclusion.

The giant frog’s image was filled with smoke and an array of colours.

Countless gusts of wind spun around him.

As time passed, his impact on the Emperor Realm became more and more intense.

After the giant turtle died, everyone in the Heavenly Mortal World could only feel the phenomenon of the laws of wind for the time being.

In the entire world, those who had comprehended the wind-type cultivation methods and cultivated the phoenix-type laws had more or less received guidance.

“What kind of strange phenomenon is this!”

“When the Emperor appears, the secret techniques he cultivates and the laws he comprehended will affect the entire world. This is also his gift to the world.”

“So you’re saying that this senior has a high chance of success?”

“I’m not sure. But right now, he is the most likely to succeed.”

At this moment, countless people in the world were discussing these things.

Regardless of what profession he was in, regardless of whether he was a cultivator or not.

In fact, many people who couldn’t cultivate before had begun to awaken a portion of their talent due to the influence of the heaven and earth phenomenon.

In the many years that followed, many experts who cultivated wind-type cultivation techniques and comprehended the laws of wind appeared in this world.

The entire sky began to come alive with a strong hurricane.

All the clouds were blown away, and many dry areas began to experience rain due to this change.

“This is a new phenomenon. It’s beginning to affect the weather.”

“Could it be that the new Emperor is about to succeed?”

As people speculated, the phenomenon became more and more obvious.

Many people began to hope that they could witness the birth of an Emperor.

After all, no one had ever seen a real Emperor.

Aside from an Emperor, all of these people who were trying to break through to the next realm were people who had been left behind long ago.

Some people had already made plans, hoping that their descendants would try their best to rely on the wind element. They might even be able to make connections.

Even if they couldn’t, they were all from the same element. With an existence like the Emperor, who could influence the Heavenly Dao, leading the way, all the other cultivators from the same element would be more likely to improve.

The sacred lands all started to be on guard.

As the most powerful force at the moment, they didn’t have any interaction with the existence that was currently trying to become an Emperor.

They had many treasures. If they were targeted by him, they would either come to snatch his treasures or ask the sacred lands to submit to him.

This was something that could happen. Facing an Emperor, even if it was a sacred land, they might not have the chance to resist.

Only the highest experts noticed that although there were sign

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