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Chapter 52: The Righteous Path of the Myriad Flowers World Shook

Myriad Flowers World. Heavenly Water Moon Mirror.

“Daoist He Yu, does your Mystic Array Sect have such an array formation?”

“Daoist He Yu? Daoist He Yu!”

The sect master of Heavenly Water Moon Mirror shouted a few times before waking Daoist He Yu, who had a dazed expression on his face.

He Yu had watched Ye Changge set up the array formation for a long time and had watched it several times.

But every time, he would still fall into this state.

“This person is indeed worthy of being an Emperor. I’ve never seen the array base he created before.”

“Then you don’t know the array he’s going to set up?”

“I can’t deduce it at all. The only thing I know is that this might be a World Guardian Array.”

Sect Master Shuiyue did not know how to react.

She had specially invited the Myriad Flowers World River over to investigate this Great Emperor’s array formation, but now, there was no information at all.

“You old fellow, since you can’t understand anything, why are you so agitated?”

One of the righteous path experts sitting next to him, Shi Tian of the Five Elements Sect, was very dissatisfied with this person’s shock and ridicule.

“What do you know? The level of this array formation is so high, and its power is so strong that it’s simply shocking!” He Yu was so anxious that he jumped up and down.

Shi Tian was very disdainful. “So what? It’s useless to us. I thought you invited so many people just to see a useless thing?”

Shui Yue’s face darkened. Before she could say anything, He Yu was already anxious. “Shut up, you dumb donkey!”

“Have you forgotten what the Emperor said in the beginning? He wants to refine the World Barrier! This array is the key!”

“The barrier of our Myriad Flowers World has been shattered. Countless outer realm sky demons have invaded the south pole void, and they have always wanted the righteous path to protect it!”

“It’s impossible for us to refine an array formation of his level, but we can steal a portion of it!”

After being lectured by He Yu like a barrage of cannons, Shi Tian did not refute.

The other righteous path experts present also reacted.

The Myriad Flowers World’s situation was special. They adjacent to another outer realm, a heavenly demon’s world.

The Myriad Flowers World was born with a World Barrier. The south pole had been destroyed during the Myriad Flowers World’s calamity, and there was a big hole in the World Barrier.

The few sects that were the leaders of the righteous path rotated every year and sent people to block the big hole to prevent the outer realm heavenly demon from invading.

If they could create a patch to block the hole, there was no doubt that it would be beneficial to the Myriad Flowers World.

Sect Master Shuiyue immediately stood up. “Daoist He Yu, your Profound Formation Sect must send someone here to record the image of this Great

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