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He had just completed a new array base experiment at Reclining Firewood Peak.

Ye Changge had already understood the basic principles of the World Barrier.

It was a bit boring to stay in the sect for such a long time, so he planned to go out for a walk.

His target was the eastern region’s Yellow Flower Mountain.

According to the Giant Pillar’s telepathic message, there was a huge fragment underground there.

As for how deep it was, Ye Changge did not know.

The Giant Pillar of the Heavenly Mortal World gave Ye Changge a chant, allowing him to awaken the sleeping fragment.

All the fragments of the Giant Pillar of the Heavenly Mortal World had consciousness, and some fragments could be summoned by themselves.

Some could only be found by Ye Changge himself.

“Interesting. According to the information of the Hidden Edge Sect, this Yellow Flower Mountain doesn’t seem to be that simple.”

“But it’s not strange. The place where the fragment of the the Heavenly Mortal Giant Pillar is located will naturally attract some different beings.”

Ye Changge took the information he obtained from sect leader Ding and looked through it.

Originally, he just wanted to go out for a walk and look for the fragment.

Yellow Flower Mountain seemed to be suppressing something.

Without thinking too much, he set off immediately, intending to go and take a look.

He walked slowly.

It was not a big deal for him to relax.

The people who were waiting at the Heavenly Tower of Legacy and the Heavenly Water Moon Mirror to see his latest array formation foundation were all anxious.

Heavenly Water Moon Mirror.

“What happened? Why hasn’t there been any news of the Emperor’s array formation in the past month?”

“Um, could it be that there’s something wrong with the Heavenly Water Moon Mirror’s sacred waterfall?”

For a moment, there was a flurry of discussion.

People were discussing animatedly.

Many of them had already seen the video recorded by the photographic stone a hundred times.

Many people were studying it one after another.

After all, it was an intermittent video. Multiple images needed to be cross-referenced for it to be understood.

In the Heavenly Water Moon Mirror Mountain, Ye Changge’s image of the array formation became the thing that people here looked forward to the most every day.

After hearing many doubts about the Sacred Item Waterfall, the Water Moon sect master could not be sure for a moment.

After notifying the higher-ups of the major sects to check, in the end, there was no problem.

“Everyone, don’t be impatient. We have already checked, there is no problem with the Sacred Item Waterfall.”

“From now on, everyone just need to wait patiently.”

Many of the higher-ups of the Heavenly Water Moon Mirror came to explain.

Just as everyone was discussing, a critical voice sounded.

“What if… I mean, what if that Emperor senses that someone is spying on

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