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Chapter 47: The Appearance of an Emperor Shook the World

Ye Changge retracted his palm outside the Hidden Edge Sect.

He looked up into the sky and sensed what was happening outside the Heavenly Mortal Realm.

“Is this the outer realm expert that injured the Sword Emperor?”

“I guess they didn’t expect an Emperor to appear in the Heavenly Mortal Realm. I felt like they were all ordinary creatures and weren’t very strong.”

In the entire Heavenly Mortal World, only Ye Changge had the strength to say that a quasi-emperor was not very strong.

Through his Emperor-level senses, Ye Changge sensed some premonitions. For the time being, he wasn’t clear about the details.

He could only put it down for now.

After all, there were still people in the Hidden Edge Sect who had ulterior motives.

“What are you all here for?”

Ye Changge’s entire body was glowing with golden light, and his voice was filled with majesty.

The experts who had fallen to the ground due to the aftermath of the Heavenly Dao Tribulation were unable to see his appearance clearly.

Because of the powerful aura suppression, these experts were unable to stand up for a moment.

“Respected Emperor! On behalf of the Yang family of Ethereal City, I have come to congratulate the Emperor on his successful promotion!”

An expert with a goatee hurriedly bowed and spoke out his compliments.

After he took the lead, more people came to their senses and began to bow and give their blessings.

However, the representatives of these forces usually did similar jobs.

Their plan was to bet on both sides.

If Ye Changge succeeded in breaking through to the Emperor Realm, they would send gifts and leave their contact information so that the forces behind them could establish a connection with the emperor.

If Ye Changge failed in his attempt, there were two possibilities.

One was that the faction that had the strength to fight for the treasure would enter a fight.

If they didn’t have the strength to fight for the treasure, they would disappear.

After all, it was better not to watch the battle between the Quasi-emperor Realm, the sacred lands, and other experts if they didn’t have the strength.

Ye Changge nodded. He didn’t want to argue with these people.

After all, other than being himself, he was also the chief of the branch of the Hidden Edge Sect.

For the sake of his master’s image, he would let the Hidden Edge Sect get closer to the next level.

“Then you guys will enter the Hidden Edge Sect later. The sect leader and the main branch of our sect will be in charge of these matters.”

“Then, what about you guys?”

Ye Changge shifted his gaze to the remaining experts.

These experts were different from the representatives of the previous factions.

Most of them were well-informed existences.

It was very clear that the more cultivation techniques one cultivated, the more complicated the path one took,

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