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Chapter 50: He Cultivates to Test His Mettle, the Calamity that Occurred and Ended

After a commotion, a middle-aged man dressed like a shopkeeper with a big belly came out.

“Good men, I wonder how I, Li Yuju, offended you to make you all target me like this.”

This middle-aged man was Li Yuju’s fifth shopkeeper, Li Xun. He was in charge of expanding Li Yuju’s business. Now that he was being targeted, he naturally could not easily compromise.

“Grandfathers aren’t good men, but you can’t afford to mess with our backers!”

A guy with pointy ears and hairy cheeks replied.

Another person chimed in, “The name of our backer will scare you to death. It’s the current Great Emperor sect, the sacred land of the world!”

He Xiuxing, who was in the middle of the crowd, furrowed his brows tightly.

“Everyone, don’t be sloppy. Although I’m in the caravan, I’m here to investigate a section of the trade route.”

“If you can bring out a force that can truly suppress me, then forget it. Otherwise, I will definitely not let it go so easily.”

Li Xun spoke seriously.

Li Yuju was the business association that Li Jiyi’s father and Yu Tianxing’s grandfather had worked together to establish.

They were naturally clear about the current Hidden Edge Sect.

No matter what, Ye Changge would not let anyone become a thief.

Moreover, if he really needed something, Li Yuju would definitely hand it over respectfully. What else was there to rob here.

“Cheap scoundrel, why don’t you take the easy way out? Although I’m not from the Hidden Edge Sect, I’m still working under the hands of all the important figures.”

The leader of the thieves, a burly man who was half-naked, said with a fierce expression.

Li Xun smiled contemptuously.

He knew Ye Changge’s way of doing things. He definitely did not want anyone to casually use the name of the Hidden Edge Sect to cause trouble outside.

Moreover, he was doing something that had no character, like being a thief.

The other party was obviously targeting him, so he casually found a reason.

“If you want to say that, then I’ll tell you the truth. Our boss really has some connection with the Hidden Edge Sect. You people definitely can’t be the Hidden Edge Sect’s subordinates.”

After saying that, he carefully observed the bandits across from him and found that their expressions did not change much.

‘As expected, they are very clear about our origins,’ Li Xun thought to himself.

“My young master is a disciple of the Hidden Edge Sect’s reclining peak,” he added.

He found that the other party’s disposition had not changed much.

The other party knew about their origins and still dared to intercept them like this. This meant that they had come prepared.

Who was it that dared to use the name of a newly-promoted sacred land?

Regardless, the other party was prepared. The longer they dragged on, the more disadvantageous it would be for Li Yuju.


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