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Chapter 45: The Arrival of a Foreign God and the Birth of an Emperor

Time passed, and the duration of this situation exceeded everyone’s expectations.

It had been two years.

From start to finish, dozens of strange phenomena had appeared.

The mortals were full of confidence in this mysterious quasi-emperor.

However, the experts who didn’t think highly of him before did not have that much confidence.

Nothing like this had ever happened before.

Someone actually managed to break through to the Emperor realm for two years!

What kind of monster was this?!

According to the records, there were only two situations when someone tried to break through to the Emperor Realm.

It could be that the person had accumulated a lot of experience and succeeded in breaking through to the Emperor Realm in the first few days.

Or he was like the other three quasi-emperors who failed quickly for various reasons on the day they tried to break through.

No one had ever been able to continuously attempt to become an Emperor for such a long period of time like this.

On the contrary, Floating Elegance City, which was under the Hidden Edge Sect, was becoming more and more prosperous.

This was because more and more experts were arriving.

And because of the existence of the strange vortex of spiritual energy, although it was much better now, the difficulty of cultivation was also very high.

As a result, the experts who came couldn’t cultivate in peace and could only move about in the city.

As a result, the development of the city continued at a rapid pace.

The Li family and the Yu family both earned a huge sum of money.

However, they were different from ordinary people.

The Li family head, Yu Shoushan, and the others, who had long known that Ye Changge had some strange and powerful abilities, all suspected that the expert who was currently trying to become an emperor was Ye Changge.

On one hand, they were nervous. If he failed, their children’s greatest protection would be gone.

On the other hand, they were also filled with anticipation.

If there was an Emperor standing behind them in the future, how big of a support would that be!

Outside the Heavenly Mortal Realm.

More than forty powerful existences were rapidly traversing the void between worlds.

There were humans and beasts, and they all had different forms.

What was similar was that they all had cold, bloodthirsty auras.

“The Heavenly Mortal World is ahead!”

“According to our location, we can quickly find the location of the Earth God banner.”

“After we go, no matter what creature holds that banner, we will kill them all.”

“The Heavenly Mortal World is very close. Let’s speed up!”

The four human-shaped existences leading the group with cold expressions were probably the so-called Four Divine Martial Demonic Servants.

As the sound of their voice faded, the aforementioned group of more than

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