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As the changes in the eastern region surfaced, more and more people discovered that the abnormal places were all very special.

Because of various reasons, many secret realms were formed.

Many people investigated the unknown young experts to no avail and began to investigate the intelligence of various secret realms.

There were people who wanted to make friends, people who wanted to be apprenticed to a master, and people there for all kinds of purposes. They were all waiting for Ye Changge to come over so that they could have a conversation.

Unlike the eastern region, in which something strange occurred, the other regions were all in a state of chaos.

The Shadow House had a long history. They used the path of assassination and the exchange of information as their main means of survival. All of their inheritances were techniques like assassination.

Their actions were ruthless, and they collected a lot of heavenly and earthly treasures.

With a loud bang, the members of the Shadow House, who were busy with their own matters, were all startled awake.

When they came to their senses, they found that the most important place of the whole sect had been covered by the crown of a huge tree.

Countless branches and vines began to grow chaotically, extending and attacking the disciples of Shadow House.

Along with the screams, the captured people were trapped by the vines and wrapped like mummies.

The vines grew sharp thorns and pierced into the bodies of the disciples of Shadow House. Not long after, their cultivation was completely sucked away.

“Who is this evildoer? How dare he attack our Shadow House? Does he not know how to write the word ‘death’?!”

As loud shouts rang out, powerful attacks emerged from many tall buildings, caves, and underground pavilions, and bombarded the branches and vines.

Unfortunately, the severed limbs continued to grow. Soon, these experts realised that their attacks were useless.

In this hopeless situation shrouded by the strange trees, the people of the Shadow House had no way out. In their deep despair, they were sucked dry.

In just a few days, the Shadow House, which had stirred up storms in the cultivation world for thousands of years, was exterminated just like that.


As if they had eaten their fill, a burp was heard far away.


Central Region, Danding Alliance.

Xie Dongyang, the Alliance leader of Danding Alliance, who had just received special intelligence, was processing the new information.

The Dark Shadow Pavilion had been destroyed, and all the disciples had been sucked dry. All the heavenly materials and earthly treasures stored in the Treasury had disappeared.

“Alliance leader, there’s urgent news! Should we send someone to report it?”

Xie Dongyang raised his head and rubbed his temples.

They received confidential information just now, so what urgent news had come this time?

“Call him in.”

An executiv

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