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Chapter 56: The Successive Deaths of the Nine Ghosts, the Union of the Sacred Lands

The Reincarnation Ghost Lord could not keep calm.

Asura Ghost Region, as the descendant of the underground alien race, needed to remove the array and open the formation that spanned the entire eastern region.

As long as the array was opened, the powerful remnant race army that had been underground for tens of thousands of years would rush to the surface.

Three of the main foundations of the Qilian Mountain, the ghost region, and the Floating Snow Sect were already under their control.

As long as they occupied the Hidden Edge Sect, the entire eastern region would be theirs.

They had never expected that the Hidden Edge Sect would have an Emperor!

However, the Asura Ghost Region had overestimated the strength of the Hidden Edge Sect, regarding them as an old enemy.

It was impossible for them to have predicted such a thing.

Therefore, the entire Asura Ghost Region was in very low spirits. Moreover, as the Hidden Edge Sect’s sworn enemy, they were even more terrified.

The nine ghosts of the universe was a strategy that the higher-ups of the ghost region came up with to resist.

The nine ghosts of the universe absorbed the evil energy, blood qi, murderous aura, and so on from the Mortal World to strengthen their own bodies.

Although the newly born nine ghosts of the universe were very weak, they were basically indestructible.

As long as they caused a big enough disaster and absorbed more evil auras, they were strong enough to become a powerful reliance of the Asura Ghost Region.

In the end, the ghost region had just refined the nine ghosts of the universe. Not long after they were released, one of them died.

How could he not be furious?!

“Reporting to the Ghost Lord, we don’t know the exact situation, but Dark Witch Ghost Lord has personally gone to investigate.”

“Dark Witch has already gone out? That’s right, I hope he can find out the reason. We have to think of a way to make up for the remaining nine ghosts of the universe.”

Before the first wave had subsided, another wave rose.

“Reporting to the Ghost Lord, we have just received news that Qilian Mountain has been attacked by an unknown force. The situation is critical!”

“Someone has already sent a message to the central region headquarters, but the central region is too large and too far away. The Ghost Lord has ordered us to immediately send reinforcements!”

Ghost Lord!

As the person in charge of the entire Asura Ghost Region, he was powerful and dignified.

This was an order personally given by an underworld lord, and the situation was already very grave.

Reincarnation Ghost Lord immediately set off and gave instructions as he walked.

“I’ll bring people to assist immediately. Remember to keep in contact with Dark Witch Ghost Lord and pay close attention to the news of the nine ghosts of the universe.”

What he d

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