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On the way back, 10,000 meters in the sky.

The fragment of the Heavenly Mortal World’s Giant Pillar caused a shockwave that shattered the clouds along the way.

Ye Changge quickly returned to the Hidden Edge Sect.

He headed straight underground and placed the fragment near the stone tablet.

“Next, do you have a way to fuse with it yourself?”


Ye Changge raised his brows.

“It seems that even though it’s a fragment that’s close to me, it’s still somewhat damaged. I need to repair it.”

He began to organize his materials.

Based on the method of repair he had obtained from signing in, Ye Changge wanted to give it a try.

After all, the array formation that set up the World Barrier had already begun to refine the array base.

The repair of the Giant Pillar had yet to begin.

“Thunder fiber grass, spirit lingering miasma, Confucian gentle fire, Jinglin Blood, Yunsi, sunpiercer celestial flower, lightning bamboo…”

Ye Changge cleaned up his materials and counted them. He found that the stock was still sufficient.

“Next, I’ll try to repair you.”

After greeting the Giant Pillar, he sat cross-legged and began to process the materials he needed to refine the tools.

The Heavenly Mortal Giant Pillar’s Stone Tablet emitted a strong fluctuation.

It was very excited!

In return, it directly moved Yu Tianxing in front of it.

“Master? Senior? What happened?”

After being suddenly moved to Hidden Kindness Cave Heaven, Yu Tianxing asked in puzzlement.

“The Giant Pillar allows you to comprehend its Stone Tablet.”

Although she didn’t know the exact details of what happened, Yu Tianxing immediately reacted.

It was a rare opportunity to comprehend the Heavenly Mortal Stone Tablet.

It took up her master’s light and allowed her to obtain more opportunities to comprehend than she had in her previous life.

And still, it was worth cherishing.

Thus, Yu Tianxing also sat cross-legged in front of the Heavenly Mortal Stone Tablet.

With a smile, Ye Changge began to focus on processing the materials.

Myriad Flowers World, Heavenly Water Moon Mirror.

“It’s coming, it’s coming. The waterfall is fluctuating again. Everyone, get ready.”

One of the elders of Heavenly Water Moon Mirror noticed the unusual movement of the waterfall and called out to the formation masters to check it out.

Under everyone’s expectant gazes, an image appeared.

“It’s starting, it’s starting!”

“Haha, that Strange Array Base and combination from before must have been tormented for a long time. I hope I can understand the key today.”

“That’s right, I am going to end up pulling out my hair.”

The array masters watched attentively.

Gradually, they realized that something was wrong.

“Is… is this Emperor really setting up an array? Or is he refining an array base?”

“I don’t think so.”

“Could it be that there’s something too profound that we can’t understand?”

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