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Chapter 53: Wu Yunfei

“Oh right, Li Shiyi also sent us a letter with detailed arrangements so that we can refer to it and restrict those guest elders.”

Sect Leader Ding took out a storage ring, which contained many jade tokens.

“These jade tokens are all guest attendance name tags that he refined. Those guest elders are very powerful and need to be restricted.”

“Especially that Three-headed God-Devil. It’s better to just give it to Ye Changge personally. No one else can order him around.”

The four patriarchs gladly accepted and at the same time began to think of ways to deal with the experts under them.

The Hidden Edge Sect had never obtained so much living power.

“Why don’t we set up a new hall, and call it the Guest Elder Hall. All the guest elders will register inside.”

“If there’s anything that needs to be arranged, it’ll be discussed during the meeting of our seven lineages’ chiefs. Then, we’ll inform them.”

“That makes sense. Unified management would be better. Also, why don’t we let Ye Changge’s disciple become the hall master of the Guest Elder Hall?”

All the Patriarchs had an impression of Li Shiyi. “Then let Li Shiyi become the hall master.”

“We’ll arrange the rest as we see fit. Let’s discuss other matters.”

The few leaders of the Hidden Edge Sect discussed excitedly, setting the tone for their next actions.

In the south pole of the Myriad Flowers World.

High in the sky amidst the ice and snow, there was a colorful, irregular hole. Beside the hole, there was a blue sky and white clouds.

What was seen in the hole was a completely different scene.

In the void, faint starlight could be seen in the distance.

It was as if during the day, there was a fragment in the sky that showed the night sky.

Groups of ferocious-looking, terrifying black behemoths were flying.

On their backs, there were many creatures of various shapes and sizes. All without exception had fangs and looked fearful.

These ferocious creatures were attacking the barrier below in waves.

This barrier was set up by many factions of the Myriad Flowers World, and it was a line of defense to prevent the extraterrestrial demons from invading.

Below, countless cultivators of the Righteous Path of the Myriad Flowers World formed a formation and used their divine abilities to resist the extraterrestrial demons that were charging toward them from above.

In the crowd, there was a young man with a resolute face, and his body was covered in patterns. Countless inscriptions floated around him.

At every moment, powerful attacks would shoot out from these array patterns and hit the enemies outside the barrier.

Wu Yunfei was one of the best among the younger generation of the Myriad Flowers World.

The inheritance he received was very special. He could draw all kinds of array patterns on his body.

These patterns served as the foundation of the array. He could directly form the a

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