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Time passed, and Ye Changge cultivated in the cave heaven.

As he breathed, his body emitted a dark golden light that flickered.

After exhaling a mouthful of turbid air, Ye Changge joyfully checked his body’s condition.

The Indestructible Golden Body technique once again made progress in stages.

From the looks of it, it was probably not an Entry Saint Realm attack that could harm Ye Changge.


However, in order to obtain this achievement, the materials that he had obtained from signing up and completing missions over the years had basically been squandered.

Thinking about where to get these cultivation materials, Ye Changge was both happy and distressed.

“With my current strength and current speed, as long as I accumulate some more time and solidify my foundation, I might be able to take a step closer.”

Breaking through the final realm, breaking through this realm, and searching for destiny.

As long as he could reach that realm, he could cultivate many of the resources and techniques he had previously stored, as well as the Indestructible Golden Body technique and the cave heaven’s blessed land.

Ye Changge was very confident that he could quickly reach the peak of the realm-breaking realm.

He might even be able to directly comprehend a law of heaven and earth and obtain the approval of heaven and earth. At that time, he would be a quasi-emperor.

He opened his eyes while he meditated, and Li Shiyi and Yu Tianxing came over to him.

Yu Tianxing, who was floating in the air, was emitting a faint white light. She was extremely adorable.

Now, her appearance had changed from that of a one-year-old baby to that of a seven or eight-year-old child.

“Master, this disciple’s cultivation has come to an end today. I miss my parents at home and want to return to Faya City to visit my family. Junior sister will also go to Faya City with me.”

Li Shiyi’s father was very good to him. When he was depressed, his father had been the one who tried his best to find news of a swordsmanship grandmaster.

Without his father, Li Shiyi would not have known that a swordsmanship grandmaster had appeared in the Hidden Edge Sect and that killed a Tribulation Transcendent.

Yu Tianxing was different from him. She had been reincarnated and had arrived at the Hidden Edge Sect less than two years ago. She had also been awakened by Ye Tiange’s memories from his previous life.

Therefore, she did not have deep feelings for her parents in this life.

However, at the end of the day, she had already been reincarnated. That was the cause and effect she needed to bear.

Furthermore, Dong Linglong had suffered a great deal of pain when she was born and almost lost her life. If it had not been for Ye Changge, Dong Linglong might have died during childbirth.

The reason why the Yu family had directly given up their foundation in Zishan City and come to settle down near the Hidden Edge Sect was also due to t

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