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Several months had passed since the last heavenly punishment.

Previously, the tombstones in the ancestral mausoleum shook slightly, the top of the library lit up with a little green light, and the lake at the back of the mountain rippled.

These places aroused Ye Changge’s interest.

Signing in at different places could get him different rewards.

After signing in at Reclining Firewood Peak for so long, it was time to go to other places to have a look.

Transforming into a shadow, Ye Changge arrived at the library first.

As an important place to the Hidden Edge Sect, it was guarded by a free array.


Unfortunately, it did not have any effects on the current Ye Changge.

Ye Changge quickly skimmed through the rows of bookshelves, looking for information on unique locations.

Before his powerful spiritual sense, the secrets of the library were revealed.

On the top floor, there was a sleeping spirit of a book.

The spirit of a book was a strange existence. Fortunately, blessed lands, cultivation methods, and inheritances were all indispensable.

It would take at least literature and calligraphy worth tens of thousands of years for a book spirit to be born.

As he contemplated, he realized that the Hidden Edge Sect’s heritage ran much deeper than what he knew.

With that thought in mind, Ye Changge made his way to the top floor of the library.

“System, sign in.”


“Congratulations to the host for successfully signing in. You have obtained the Ethereal Song technique.”


Song technique? It was the first time he had obtained such an item. With curiosity in his heart, Ye Changge began to examine it.

The Ethereal Song technique had the effect of cleansing one’s soul, washing away the impurities in one’s body, and increasing one’s comprehension ability.

It was indeed a good item. It could help increase one’s level of understanding and greatly aid one’s cultivation.

As for cleansing his soul, Ye Changge himself did not need it. However, he had a disciple, and it could be of use. In fact, he could even use it now.

After checking out the Ethereal Song technique, Ye Changge looked at the bookcase in front of him.

The bookcase seemed to be a vital place for the Hidden Edge Sect to store secret techniques. There were more than ten books of different variations inside, emitting distinct auras.

Their auras were similarly powerful.

[The Sky Demon Destruction Scripture], [The Demon Sealing War Dragon Portrait], [The Creation Heaven Scripture], [The Forbidden Imperial Scripture…]

They were not ordinary titles.

The bookcase seemed to have a powerful sealing formation, and Ye Changge could only sense the strangeness of the books by standing in front of the bookcase.

Based on his perception, the spirit of the book was a small paper figurine that was sleeping in the bookcase.

Half of its body was already dyed with mixed colors.

It had probably been

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