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Fang Yuru did not expect to receive such an answer. His face turned cold.

“Ye Changge, no matter who he is, who gave you the confidence to think that our sacred lands combined could not compare to him?”

“In view of the sacred lands, an individual’s strength is negligible. When the the four sacred lands work together, who is Ye Changge? Who does he think he is?”

Hearing these words, Li Shiyi unleashed his full strength and condensed his sword heart!

A sword scar appeared in the sky at a speed that was too fast. No one knew when it streaked across the sky. It was as if it had already existed there.

The light barrier shattered, and Fang Yuru’s phantom dissipated.

At the last moment, all the remaining energy was transferred to Fang Xiao’s body, protecting him as he quickly retreated to the central region.

After all, the difference in cultivation realms was too great. Li Shiyi had to use all of his strength to defeat this phantom of Fang Yuru, so there was no way for him to continue chasing after him.

Li Shiyi made up his mind that once he succeeded in his cultivation, he would kill the father and son.


On the lake plains between the eastern region and the central region, Ye Changge stood amidst a quiet atmosphere.

He was waiting for the people of the Myriad Swords Gate here.

The Myriad Swords Gate was in the western regions. If they wanted to come to the Hidden Edge Sect, they would definitely pass through here.

Moreover, as sacred ground, the Myriad Swords Gate definitely would not hide and would definitely take the most convenient path.

If he wanted to know the situation in the Sword Emperor’s Tomb, he had to capture a few people from the Myriad Swords Gate and interrogate them for information.

Suddenly, Ye Changge’s eyes lit up.

They had arrived. It was the aura of the Myriad Swords Gate.

An old man led two young disciples.

There were a total of three people. This number was far less than Ye Changge had expected, and the strength of their abilities was also much weaker. There wasn’t a single person of the upper three levels.

“What’s going on? Didn’t they want to cause trouble to my Hidden Edge Sect? Why are there so few people here?”

He felt that it was strange, but he didn’t hesitate in his actions. With a flash, Ye Changge arrived in front of the three people of the Myriad Swords Gate.

“Who are you? Why are you stopping us?”

The old man from the Myriad Swords Gate asked, as his gaze fell on Ye Changge who had suddenly appeared.

At the same time, he was secretly on guard, because he discovered that the aura of the person who was blocking his way was ordinary, like that of a mortal.

A mortal would not float in the air, so this person’s strength must be extraordinary.

“The Myriad Swords Gate?”

His instinctual alertness grew even stronger. “You know that we are members of the Myriad Swords Gate? You specially came to find us?”

If it were n

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